Auto Glass
  • Windshield and Auto Glass Replacement

    Today’s vehicles are designed to keep the occupants safe.  A big part of the vehicle’s safety system is the glass.  Today’s windshield, for example, has at least three basic safety functions.  One is to keep the occupants in vehicle and objects from entering the vehicle.  Two is to provide a backstop for the air bags.  Three is to provide structural support for the roof.  The glass must be installed correctly to ensure your safety.  Kryger Glass understands the importance of installing your glass correctly and will not cut corners.  We use the finest materials and follow the installation procedures.

  • Windshield Repair

    Maintenance is an important part of taking care of your car.  Think of windshield repair as maintenance for your windshield.  It prolongs the life of your windshield.  Repairing a chip in your windshield will not fix your windshield.  It is intended on keeping the cracks within the chip from spreading and improving the appearance.  Kryger Glass uses the most advanced resins that improve adhesion and clarity.

  • Sideview and Rearview Mirror Replacement

    Kryger Glass carries Burco exact fit replacement mirrors for your vehicle.  If you break your mirror, Kryger Glass will professionally replace it.

  • Power and Manual Door Glass Repair

    Is your door glass stuck or will not move up and/or down?  If so, Kryger Glass can fix it.

  • Headlight Restoration

    Are your headlights not as bright?  Are your lenses covering your headlights cloudy?  If so, Kryger Glass can clear away the cloudiness and restore your headlights.