10 Home Upgrades for People with Low Mobility

February 10, 2022
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Home won’t feel like home if it’s a struggle to move around and access the things you need to use every day. The good news is, you don’t have to settle for a home that’s not tailor-made for you. There are several ways to improve your home and your quality of life, without breaking the bank.

Whether you need your home to be a little more accessible for a short period of time while you recover from surgery, or you need long-term changes, it might be time to look into these home update options!

5 Simple Updates To Make Your Home More Easily Accessible 

1. Swap bathtubs for walk-in showers.

Get rid of bathtubs with high walls and slippery surfaces. Trade tubs for a walk-in shower with an easy-to-open glass door. You want a shower pan with very low clearance or zero entry. Add a non-slip shower mat or surface to make it even safer. If necessary, you can look at built-in shower bench options!

2. Replace sliding screen doors with sliding glass doors. 

Screen doors can catch easily and are often difficult to hold open while you’re trying to get in and out of your home. Replace storm doors with sliding glass doors that will stay open as you move in and out. They’re easy to maneuver and they look better on your home, too! If you’re in need of something even more advanced, look into automatic sliding doors. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more easy and convenient feature for your home! 

3. Install touch faucets or foot pedal sinks. 

If it’s difficult to reach across the counter or grip faucet handles, there are better options. A touch sink is easy to install and allows you to stop and start water with just a tap to the hardware. If the height is a problem, you can have a sink with a foot pedal installed in no time. 

4. Lower your mirrors. 

If you or someone in your home uses a wheelchair or scooter to maneuver around, standard-height mirrors could pose a problem. The simplest fix is to lower them! If your mirror is above a fixture like a sink, this might be a two-part upgrade. A glass installer like Kryger Glass can handle a custom mirror installation to make sure you’re able to easily and comfortably use all the mirrors in your home. 

5. Retrofit your bathroom. 

Mirrors are the only thing that is too high for people with certain mobility challenges. Towel racks, toilets, and showerheads can all pose problems. Retrofit your entire bathroom with fixtures that are easier to reach so that you can enjoy all the amenities you deserve! 

5 More Advanced Updates to Make Your Home More Easily Accessible. 

1. Add access to a first-floor bathroom and bedroom.

While some houses have these, some do not. Large remodels can be a big undertaking, but moving a person’s living space to the main level can be life-changing. Consult a professional to understand the most efficient way to make big changes like this. We also highly recommend getting multiple quotes and working with contractors who have stellar reviews!  

2. Widen doorways and hallways.

This could be another big construction project, but the quality of life improvements are worth it. Wider doorways and hallways allow for wheelchairs to move about freely and ultimately improve the safety in your home. 

3. Lower cabinets and storage Spaces in bathrooms and kitchens.

Reaching up in cabinets and other forms of storage can be dangerous and difficult. Make sure everyday household items are stored in lower cabinets and are easily accessible from the front. Consider installing a microwave cabinet in a lower cabinet or lower shelf in a pantry. If a person in your home is operating from a wheelchair, don’t forget to measure how far off the ground they can easily reach, too. Sometimes bottom shelves are out of reach, too!

4. Replace deep pile carpet with smoother flooring.

Shag carpet and other “fluffy” carpets can be a nightmare to move over when you’re in a wheelchair or scooter. Install low-pile carpet, carpet squares, or hard-surface flooring with low-pile rugs instead. 

5. Add a walking ramp.

Stairs can be a huge hindrance. Consider installing a ramp from your driveway or garage into your home for easier access. Ramps can be better on your hips and knees, and they make accessing your home with a wheelchair, possible. 

Other Tips to Enhance a Low Mobility Home

  • Lower Light switches 
  • Remove trip hazards like transition strips in the floors between rooms.
  • Update windows to crank windows that don’t require you to lift windows over your head. 
  • Update window shades to easy close or automatic window shades
  • Add grab bars
  • Lower closet rods
  • Replace door knobs with handles

You Don’t Have to Make Big Changes to Make Life Easier 

These small changes mentioned above can have vast differences in your life. As your life and circumstances change, your home should be able to change with you.

According to the CDC, 8.5 million seniors have some sort of mobility challenges in the United States. Having to make upgrades to your home shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. With new technology coming out every day, people are able to enjoy life to the fullest later in life as these advancements continue to improve. Your family, friends, and we at Kryger Glass are here to make this process smooth and easy.  

What can Kryger Glass Offer You?

At Kryger Glass, we specialize in all your glass and mirror installation needs from bathroom glass, glass showers, walk-in glass showers, sliding glass doors, custom mirror installation, and more.

All these improvements are supposed to make your life easier, so call us today and get a quote, if you or a loved one needs home modifications, contact us at your convenience. 

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