5 Soundproofing Tips That Will Make You Love Your Home

Does the street noise in your neighborhood keep you from loving your home? You’re not alone; Relentless outside noise is a significant reason that many people give for wanting to put a house on the real estate market. Before you go to the extremes of selling your house, give our five soundproofing tips a chance to see if you can love your home once again. Why invest in soundproofing Your home is your sanctuary, a … Read More

Don’t Forget About Your Side View Mirrors

Is there anything more enjoyable than driving around with the windows open on a lovely summer day in the Midwest? Unfortunately, wild animals, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and others also enjoy the weather, making side view mirrors a necessity for safer trips. Some communities have different laws and attitudes regarding vehicle mirrors, but it helps to maintain them all for better driving. And while you may not get a ticket for broken side glass, a police officer … Read More