Car Window Tinting: What is It and What Are the Benefits?

Tinting your car windows is a process of making your vehicle windows darker. This does a few things – provides additional privacy for you and your passengers and provides additional shade against the harsh light. Think of tinting your windows as sunglasses for your vehicle.  Tinting your car windows can be a great addition, especially during those hot summer days. Many people tint their windows due to the many benefits it provides. However, it’s essential … Read More

Why repair windshield chips? It’ll save you in the long run.

Windshield Safety First and Foremost! Your windshield protects you and your passengers from the elements and debris, like insects and rocks. Modern windshields are even designed in a way that protects you, the driver/passenger when the glass is compromised.  Modern windshields are made with laminated safety glass. This treated glass usually consists of two curved sheets of glass with a layer of laminate between them. So when your windshield breaks, instead of having shards of … Read More

3-in-1 Simple Design to Improve Your Home

Upgrade Your Home with Custom Mirrors Your home deserves an upgrade, and so do you. Big renovations take time and a lot of money. With custom mirrors, you get an easy, simple way to update your home without having to dive into a whole new project! Here’s how this unique touch of decor gives you three benefits for the price of one. What are Custom Mirrors? And are Custom Mirrors Environmentally Friendly? Did you know … Read More

How To Protect My Home From Hail and Severe Storm Damage

In the midwest region of the United States, spring and summer can play host to various weather patterns that are constantly changing. During these seasons, you can expect at least one severe storm that might bring tornados and hail. Tornados are the biggest worry for many people but don’t ignore the warning of when hail is coming. Hail can cause severe damage to yourself and your property. It’s essential to take the proper steps to … Read More