How Do I Protect my Car in the Winter?

Car window maintenance and care is a big part of ownership in the colder months of the year. Early detection and proper maintenance can save you money on repairs over the long term.

Window Condensation: Kryger Glass

Window sweating is a big deal and can lead to expensive electric bills. It is important to take care of all windows and treat window condensation immediately.

Need a Home Mirror Replacement?

black ceramic sink with two mirrors

Home mirror replacement can be a difficult task if handled by the wrong replacement company. Mirrors are a key component of any home, and sometimes they just don’t shine as they used to. If that is the case, you are in need of a mirror replacement in your home.

Tired of Your Car Windows Fogging?

a black car with a reflection of trees in front

Windows constantly fogging up can be a sign that you need to repair or replace your window seals. When a window seal breaks, it can cause issues with the temperature in your car, as well as the clarity of your windows.

Severe Weather’s Effect on Your Car

lightning strike during night time

If you were recently stuck in a storm and received car damage, it is important to make sure you fix those damages immediately. Read more to learn why.