Power and Manual Door Systems Repair

A Window Into Power and Manual Systems Repair

At Kryger, our glass expertise expands well beyond door glass – and into the gears and pulleys inside your power or manual window system. Yet unlike windshields, it is difficult to know there’s a problem with your window system until the moment it breaks. When that happens unexpectedly, your car becomes vulnerable to the cold, rain and snow, and is an easy target for thieves.

Signs your window systems may be failing include:

  • Grinding noise as you roll your window up or down
  • It becomes more difficult to turn your manual window roller
  • Your window slows down to a crawl when raising or lowering, even in regular temperatures

If you experience any kind of problem with your vehicle’s windows, Kryger has you covered. Calling us is the quickest way to get your car into our shop and out of harm’s way. If you can’t come to us – we’ll come to you.

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Why Did My Window Stop Working?

Inside your door is an intricate system that allows your window to roll up and down – regardless if you have power or manual windows. Because they’re used so often, these systems go through a lot of wear and tear. While there’s really no way to determine when a window will malfunction, our experts can quickly narrow down the issue so we can get it repaired as soon as possible. Here’s a look at the most common reasons why your window or windows need replacing:

  • Your window is dislodged. The rivets that keep your window and regulator attached can break, causing your window to fall inside your door.
  • Your window regulator is broken. The regulator controls the up and down movement of your window – either electrically or manually. If you have power windows and can hear a grinding noise when you try to roll your window up that tells us the motor is running and the regulator is bad.
  • Your window motor is broken. This controls your entire window system. Again, if you have power windows but don’t hear any noise when you press the switch, that’s usually a sign your window motor has shorted out and your window is trapped.
  • Your control arm is broken. This is attached to the window motor (power windows) or the crank handle (manual windows) and, usually, breaks after being worn down over time. In this case, we will have to remove your door panel to see which specific parts are broken.

How Does Window System Replacement Work?

At Kryger, our car window system replacement is pretty simple. After we diagnose the issue, we get straight to work. Whether you have power windows or manual ones, we have the right regulators and motors to fit your car. Even better, our reliable regulators and motors are built to last.

In many cases, your new regulator or motor will have a better design to prevent the same problem from happening again. Our expert technicians can usually fix the problem and have you back on the road in just a matter of hours.

If you can’t make it to the shop, no problem! Because quality and safety are our priorities, we work hard to ensure you get the best and most convenient service – wherever you are. Call us to schedule your service today!

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Do You Know Why Quality Glass and Installation Matter?

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It isn’t just about how the glass looks, though that’s important. It isn’t only about keeping bugs out, though that matters. Ever wonder why your windshield goes through a safety inspection in the first place? Because your windshield is vital to the performance of your car during an accident. It breaks, you break.

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