Wiper Blade Replacement

See Clearly with New Wiper Blades

Wiper blades tend to be the last thing we think about when it comes to car maintenance. Often, they’re the item that makes you fail a safety test, or you wait until they’re unraveling on your windshield before they’re replaced.

But what if we stopped to consider the role they play in our safety? Windshield wipers are the sole thing we rely on to help see what’s in front of us on the road during inclement weather. But it’s easy to forget the condition of them until it’s too late. Maybe you’re traveling and get caught in a torrential downpour or heavy snowfall and your wiper blades can’t keep up. It’s then you realize you can’t see very well, which immediately puts you at a much higher risk for getting into a serious accident.

Whether it’s a perfectly clear day or you’re driving through dirt, dust, rain, snow, you need to be able to see. That means you need well-functioning wiper blades. And just like Kryger Glass is proud of our high quality windshields, we’re proud to also provide high quality wiper blades. The next time you notice an issue with your wiper blades or want to know if they’re in need of a replacement, give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Signs It’s Time for a Replacement

Just like you need to change your oil regularly to keep your vehicle healthy, you need new wiper blades to keep your windshield healthy. Because your blades perform mostly in harsh elements, they easily wear down. Things like dirt, debris, and even the sunlight can break down the rubber on your wiper blades, which impacts their performance.

As soon as you notice your wiper blades leaving streaks on your windshield, it’s time to replace them soon. If you wait too long to get a new set, not only will it be difficult to see in harsh conditions, but your blades could tear and your wiper arm could end up smearing or scratching your windshield.

When Should I Replace My Wiper Blades?

When it comes to how often you should replace your wiper blades, the experts at Consumer Reports outline their recommendations:

“…our experience suggests that beyond a quick monthly inspection, it would be wise to plan for wiper replacement twice a year. Consider going with the change of seasons, replacing the blades at the beginning of winter and again for summer – two seasons that prove particularly challenging for wipers.”

Why Kryger?

Simply put, if drivers have a hard time knowing when it’s time to replace their wiper blades, they probably don’t have the expertise to know what goes into choosing the right ones for their vehicle. With so many different brands, shapes, styles, and prices out there, it can quickly become overwhelming. And even once you figure out what kind of wiper blades you want, you’re left to figure out how to properly install them.

Let the experts at Kryger Glass take care of all of that for you. We will find the right size, fit, and quality for your vehicle, and install them once we’ve found the perfect blades. We can even take care of the wiper blade on your back windshield. And when you choose Kryger, you don’t have to sacrifice high quality for high price. Schedule your wiper blade replacement today and we’ll have you seeing clearly in no time!

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Do You Know Why Quality Glass and Installation Matter?

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It isn’t just about how the glass looks, though that’s important. It isn’t only about keeping bugs out, though that matters. Ever wonder why your windshield goes through a safety inspection in the first place? Because your windshield is vital to the performance of your car during an accident. It breaks, you break.

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