Best Way to Clean Glass for the Clearest View

October 30, 2020

Last updated on February 2, 2024

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Today, drivers can buy a seemingly endless supply of products promising spot-free windshields. However, is it the best way to clean glass for the clearest view? Too often, cleaning products leave behind nothing but smears and smudges. Sometimes, not even your windshield wipers can cut through the haze stuck onto your glass.Below are five of the most helpful tips from Kryger Glass for crystal-clear windshields and windows. When in doubt, give us a call for affordable repair and replacement services.

Create a DIY Glass Cleaner Solution

Even cleaning products labeled specifically for glass can still leave behind streaks. The better alternative is to combine common household ingredients to create a better solution. An easy one to create is taking equal measures of white vinegar and water. Vinegar acts as a mild disinfectant, while the water prevents corrosion.

Another solution is to combine two tablespoons of ammonia with two quarts of water. That acts similarly to the vinegar cleaner, but it breaks down greases and even some germs.

Finally, you can try two tablespoons of dishwasher detergent mixed with two quarts of water. If it’s good enough for your drinking glasses, your windshield will love it as well.

Use Microfiber Cloths for Drying

Surprisingly, many glass streaks form not from cleaning products but from how you are drying them. When you run an old dirty towel across the clean glass, the windshield can pick up the dirt or lint. Whatever is currently on the surface of the old towel only smears against the glass. You can easily undo an hour of car cleaning by using the wrong rags.

Microfiber towels are incredibly absorbent, and they don’t collect dirt and debris as quickly. If your towels or rags are always leaving behind streaks, it’s time for a new one.

Don’t Let Messes Dry On

Anyone who has ever baked a casserole in a glass dish knows this next tip. Even with a brand-new dishwasher appliance, you can’t run it through with a baked-on mess. The same concept applies to your auto glass surfaces, which continuously take a beating. Splattered bugs, mud, road debris, and other blemishes can stain your windshield.

As the sun roasts these messes on, they soon adhere to the surface. The longer that they stay, the more challenging it becomes to remove them.

Clean Your Windshield Inside and Out

Although you run your rag over the same spot over and over, the stain remains. Chances are, it’s on the inside where you look out at the road. Even though you can’t see dust, it does see your auto glass. As it heats from the inside, it bakes into a haze on the interior of the windshield.

Cleaning your vehicle often is a great way to maintain it affordably. Just make sure you clean the inside as well for improved driving visibility.

Use a Squeegee

It may sound obvious, but you should purchase a squeegee for cleaning glass. Not only does it make life simple, but it’s the best tool for the job.

Squeegees usually have a soft sponge-like cleaning side with a rubber strip on the other. After sudsing the surface, you simply scrape the soap and water away for spotless windshields.

Call on Us

While there are many different ways of cleaning glass, not all of them will work. That is why Kryger Glass is available for our customers every single day. Give us a call if you have any questions about your glass.

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