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Having the recurring problem of fogging windows? This is a problem that needs an immediate fix as it is dangerous for you and others on the roads. Depending on the time of the year there are various causes for foggy windows, but it’s usually a lot more common in the colder months.   What Causes Fogging Windows? A Broken Window Seal – This can cause rain droplets to enter the car and turn to water vapor.
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lightning strike during night time
It’s the time of year where the Midwest experiences fierce storms that can have dangerous effects. Tornado alley is a direct concern for those who call it home. The immediate concern is always your family and your home, but shortly behind on your list is your cars. A clear sunny evening can turn to grey skies bringing lighting strikes, hail, and even tornados. These high winds, hail, and flooding spell disaster for your vehicle(s). Hail
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What is Window Glazing? Asking “what is window glazing, actually?”, is a common question that is often confused with other services. The process of glazing windows is the addition or replacement of a putty used to hold your windowpane in place. There’s a common misunderstanding that it refers to the addition of window panes or a coating on the windows when it’s actually the putty that surrounds the window. This putty is applied between the
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In the current market, finding the right home for the right price is more challenging than ever. Houses seem to be selling FAST and for way above the market value, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Finding a home for you and your family is not only difficult but stressful. With such a large investment of course you want everything to be perfect – the right feel of the home, neighborhood, and school
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Homeowners sometimes forget about window repairs and replacements when they are thinking about updates to their home because they think they are meant to last forever when that’s far from the truth! The length of time windows “last” or remain uncompromised is anywhere from 20 to 25 years depending on brand and installation. You might be thinking that your windows are older, but they do their job just fine, but it could be possible that
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