Your windshield is a crucial component to your vehicle. It makes up 70% of the structural integrity to your car. A windshield is designed to protect the roof of the vehicle from caving in during an accident. Many glass installers tend to overlook this fact and it can lead to some dangerous consequences. Visibility: If your windshield is not properly installed, it’s likely that it will develop cracks and chips. These small, unnoticeable chips can
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Why It’s Important To Use a Reputable Glass Shop. Your windshield is one of the most important assets on your vehicle. It makes up for 70% of the structural integrity of your car. Most people don’t realize the importance that the windshield plays in overall safety, which often results in choosing cheaper windshield replacement and repair alternatives. However, this often comes with costly, and sometimes fatal consequences. This is why we cannot stress enough to
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When To Repair or Replace Your Windshield Windshields are constantly under the threat of damage caused by debris from roads and other vehicles. The severity of the damage depends on the type of crack or chip in the windshield, and some require more immediate attention than others. Cracked windshields can be dangerous to the driver as they can obscure visibility of the road. Familiarize yourself with the valuable information about different types of windshield cracks
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Did you know that over 75% of windshield installations are done incorrectly? According to ABC’s 20/20, most glass installers do not follow correct procedures when installing glass. This being said, it is more than likely that your windshield has also been installed incorrectly, and could be dangerous to your safety.   Here are some signs that your windshield needs to be corrected or even replaced due to a faulty glass installation by an inexperienced serviceman.
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Staying warm is an important part of harsh winters, and keeping your windows sealed is essential to keep your home toasty! Here are five ways that you can better insulate your windows for those cold winter months. Thermal Drapes/Curtains- Pros: Curtains with a thermal backing can provide a barrier between the cold and your home. Drafty windows will be no match for insulating curtains; which can also match your home decor! Cons: The trick is
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