Summertime weather sets the scene for major upgrades to our highways and freeways, and unfortunately the looming end of summer doesn’t always mean the end of road construction. When you hit the road, you drive carefully and watch out for other cars. What you don’t expect is for the road to hit you back when you’re driving around Kansas City, MO. Our auto glass repair teams see all kinds of windshield damage this time of
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The Midwest is home to some of the most varied weather in the US, and Omaha, NE is no exception. It’s not uncommon to see a hot, humid afternoon turn into a dark, thunderstorm-filled evening on a whim during the spring and summer months. The sudden, and sometimes dangerous, shifts in weather mean your home should always be ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store. Storm window repair is one of our specialties at
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We are officially in the heart of spring. Everything in Des Moines, IA has started blooming and turning green again. But while the warm spring rains bring puddles to jump in and relaxing nights, it also causes potentially dangerous driving conditions. And you won’t want to get caught in the next heart-pounding storm with faulty windshield wipers; take our word for it. The Effects of Having Bad Wipers Being able to see clearly while driving
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At Kryger Glass, we’re all about family. When it comes to glass services, we offer a friendly hand – one that’s thrived across four generations over the past 70 years. We’d also like to offer you assurance that our priorities of safety and service have remained constant since day one. We’ve learned a lot throughout our many decades of operation. With this blog, we’d like to bring you closer to our family by sharing our