Can You Fix a Broken Mirror?

December 9, 2021
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Mirrors are used in so many ways throughout homes. They can be used for practical purposes in a bathroom or for decoration to open up a home’s floor plan. The use of a mirror is crucial to so many homes, but if broken, they can be very intimidating to fix. 

There are repair kits you can use to fix a cracked mirror, or Kryger Glass can fix it for you!

How to Protect My Mirror While Waiting to Fix It

If a mirror is cracked or shattered, it’s crucial to protect you and others from coming in contact with the pieces because that can cause serious injury. Mirrors are made up of glass and can cause harm to somebody not appropriately covered. Here are some steps to take if your mirror is cracked and you’re waiting to replace or repair it.

  1. Clean the area: 
    If the mirror cracks or shatters, make sure that all young ones and animals are away from the glass on the floor. If not cleaned properly, the glass can slice open feet and hands. Use a vacuum to suck up the shards of glass and make sure that no small pieces are left behind.
  1. Cover up the remaining part of the mirror:
    Once one piece of the mirror breaks off, the rest can fall at any time. If you can safely lay the mirror down, it’s advised to do so. If you can’t remove the mirror safely from the wall, cover up the mirror with a tarp or a towel to protect the rest of the area. If deemed unsafe to cover the mirror, lay the tarp or towel on the ground so it can catch any stray shards that fall.  
  1. Call a trusted glass and mirror professional.
    Here at Kryger Glass, we can help you with all your glass and mirror needs.  

Start Repairing Your Mirror Today!

Reach out to us at Kryger Glass to get your mirror repair process on its way. We will get back to you with a quote ASAP; just contact us on our website to start the process.

If it’s just a crack in the mirror, there is a good chance that we can just repair the mirror using a professional repair kit. If the mirror is a total loss, we can replace it with a mirror that’s completely customizable. We start by cutting and shaping the glass with very fine blades. We also detail our work by drilling, notching, and making cutouts based on your unique design. When it comes to edgework, we offer a variety of designs to meet your unique needs.

Types of Edgework Treatment:

  • Bevel
  • Straight Bevel
  • Double Bevel
  • Flat Polish
  • Pencil Polish

We’ll create a replacement mirror that perfectly fits your taste and style!

When your custom mirror is finished, it’s extremely important to make sure it not only arrives at your home or business safely but that it is professionally installed. Our staff knows how to mount all mirrors and uses the best practices to ensure your mirror is in the safest place possible and will remain secure. 

How to Protect Your Mirror

If you have a mirror around your house, try to keep it out of reach of little kids as they can run into them or throw toys that could cause damage. To add protection, you can also place a decorative table in front of the mirror to prevent anything from hitting it.  

If you are moving, it’s critical to protect your mirrors as they can crack quite easily if left compromised. Here are four tips for protecting your mirrors during moving.

  1. Make a Label
    Put a “Fragile” label on all sides of a wrapped mirror so anyone handling it knows to be careful.
  1. Bubble wrap it
    The extra cushion provides you with a bit of wiggle room when handling such a delicate object. 
  1. Tape your Mirror
    Use a roll of duct tape across the front of the mirror vertically on a slant. This will protect the frame of your mirror and will lessen the impact of a fall. 
  1. Call a Professional 
    Talk to a professional to move your mirror.

Let’s start the process today and get your mirror back and better than ever!  Call us today if you need to fix a cracked mirror, or want a whole new mirror installment. Kryger Glass is here for you!

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