Tired of Your Car Windows Fogging?

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Windows constantly fogging up can be a sign that you need to repair or replace your window seals. When a window seal breaks, it can cause issues with the temperature in your car, as well as the clarity of your windows.

Severe Weather’s Effect on Your Car

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If you were recently stuck in a storm and received car damage, it is important to make sure you fix those damages immediately. Read more to learn why.

Is Window Replacement Better or Window Repair?

Window Replacement or Repair: Which One is the Best Choice? All drivers eventually face the same dilemma of choosing whether they need a window replacement or window repairs. Replacing your auto glass can get expensive when your insurance doesn’t cover the claim. Driving with damaged windows quickly becomes dangerous, especially on highways, so it’s best to get it taken care of as soon as possible. No matter which choice is the right choice, we offer … Read More

Sneeze Guard Installations Near Me in Kansas City, Missouri

Why Every Business Needs a Sneeze Guard Installed While we may start seeing the end of COVID at some point, we all know it won’t be the last virus that will come around. For many companies, both small and large, protecting customers has become an absolute necessity. More and more business owners are turning to Google for “sneeze guard installations near me” as they look to update their stores in an effort to better protect … Read More

Shattered Windshield When Driving? Here’s What To Do.

A shattered windshield is scary enough, but it’s even worse when it happens while you’re driving. What you should do next depends on the extent of the damage. Some vehicles can make it to the next service station without the crack getting worse. However, for wholly smashed surfaces, you should probably have your car towed away instead. No matter what caused your shattered windshield, you can rely on us. Choose Kryger Glass for auto glass … Read More