Common Types of Windshield Damage

When To Repair or Replace Your Windshield Windshields are constantly under the threat of damage caused by debris from roads and other vehicles. The severity of the damage depends on the type of crack or chip in the windshield, and some require more immediate attention than others. Cracked windshields can be dangerous to the driver as they can obscure visibility of the road. Familiarize yourself with the valuable information about different types of windshield cracks … Read More

Has Your Windshield Been Installed Incorrectly? Kryger Can Do It Better!

Did you know that over 75% of windshield installations are done incorrectly? According to ABC’s 20/20, most glass installers do not follow correct procedures when installing glass. This being said, it is more than likely that your windshield has also been installed incorrectly, and could be dangerous to your safety.   Here are some signs that your windshield needs to be corrected or even replaced due to a faulty glass installation by an inexperienced serviceman. … Read More

Beware of Shady Glass Installers! Things to Watch Out For

Vehicle safety is the most important aspect of driving, so we want the best of the best when it comes to vehicle repair or maintenance. Unfortunately, the “best” is not as common as you might think. According to ABC’s 20/20, 75-80% of windshield installations are done incorrectly. ABC reported that these defective glass installations are so common because: Glass installers do NOT have to be licensed to be in business Anyone can legally install auto … Read More

Dos and Don’ts of De-Icing Your Windshield

Everybody has a favorite trick for getting ice off their car’s windshield. Some ice removal techniques work better than others, and some run the risk of ruining the glass. Every winter, we take care of repairs and replacements that didn’t have to happen in Davenport, IA. Here’s a guide to what you can and can’t do to your car’s icy glass and windows. Don’t Risk Glass and Seal Damage It’s not easy to break a … Read More

What to Do After Getting a New Windshield

If this is your first, you probably have questions. If it’s been a long time, you might wonder how much has changed. We understand. It’s not every day that you need a windshield replacement. Our Des Moines, IA teams handle windshield repair for all types of cars and trucks, so let’s outline what you can expect. What You Should Do Be patient. Replacing an auto windshield doesn’t take long, but sealing materials typically need to set … Read More