Spontaneous Glass Breakage: What is it and What to do if it Happens

You’re sitting in a cafe, enjoying the AC during the hottest part of your summer. Then, suddenly the glass next to you shatters. No one touched it, and no one even looked at it. What happened? The phenomenon is called spontaneous glass breakage, and it only happens with tempered glass. Kryger Glass is familiar with this situation.  Spontaneous Glass Breakage The process of tempering glass involves strengthening the glass by superheating the glass and quickly … Read More

Cost Analysis: Is it Worth Replacing Old Windows?

Homeownership is a long-term investment. As with any investment, you should expect to budget for maintenance. One question that you should ask when you own an older home is: Is it worth replacing old windows? You may ask, “If it isn’t broken, why fix it?”  That is nothing but broken logic when it comes to windows. Kryger Glass has been answering this question for four generations, and we will break down the reasons why it’s … Read More

5 Soundproofing Tips That Will Make You Love Your Home

Does the street noise in your neighborhood keep you from loving your home? You’re not alone; Relentless outside noise is a significant reason that many people give for wanting to put a house on the real estate market. Before you go to the extremes of selling your house, give our five soundproofing tips a chance to see if you can love your home once again. Why invest in soundproofing Your home is your sanctuary, a … Read More

Don’t Forget About Your Side View Mirrors

Is there anything more enjoyable than driving around with the windows open on a lovely summer day in the Midwest? Unfortunately, wild animals, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and others also enjoy the weather, making side view mirrors a necessity for safer trips. Some communities have different laws and attitudes regarding vehicle mirrors, but it helps to maintain them all for better driving. And while you may not get a ticket for broken side glass, a police officer … Read More

April Showers Brings… New Storm Windows!

It’s that time of year, folks! From heavy rains to hail to tornados, you want the best protection for your home! Here at Kryger, we keep your safety in mind, too. Do you have some questions about storm windows? We’ve got answers! “But, what are storm windows?” Storm windows are an extra layer of protection from the outdoors. They can either go on the interior or exterior of your already existing windows! Storm windows give … Read More