Should You be Glazing Your Windows?

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Kryger Glass can glaze all residential glass. Sometimes people think it’s an unnecessary task to be done, but it is proven to be very energy efficient. So don’t wait and call Kryger Glass today!

Kryger Glass: How Long Do Windows Last?

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Windows have an expiration date, if left unchecked you could be paying large fees due to old windows. Learn the average length residential windows usually last and how different types of windows affect the length of time.

How to Maximise Your Windshield Protection

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It’s the time of year where the weather can change in the blink of an eye. A clear sunny evening can turn to grey skies bringing lighting strikes, hail, and even tornados. All of the things these storms bring cause devastating damage to one’s property. The question is, how can you protect your car from expensive hail damage. When hail is powerful enough to total a car in seconds, you need to know how to … Read More

Is Window Replacement Better or Window Repair?

Window Replacement or Repair: Which One is the Best Choice? All drivers eventually face the same dilemma of choosing whether they need a window replacement or window repairs. Replacing your auto glass can get expensive when your insurance doesn’t cover the claim. Driving with damaged windows quickly becomes dangerous, especially on highways, so it’s best to get it taken care of as soon as possible. No matter which choice is the right choice, we offer … Read More