Tornado Season – How to Protect Your Windows

Welcome to tornado country, Dorothy! Tornados and storms with high-speed winds can sometimes cause detrimental damage if you’re not prepared. Broken windows and shattered glass is not something you need to worry about on top of possible flying debris! In this article, you’ll learn about how to prepare your windows for the fall and winter seasons so you can weather any kind of storm. If you want to get a head start on protecting your … Read More

DIY Windshield Repair: Is it for you?

Are Those $20 Repair Kits Really All They Claim To Be? We encounter car problems all the time, which can be a pain. Specifically, when people come across a problem with their windshield, they have to think of the best way to approach the problem since there are multiple ways to do so. For example, there are DIY windshield repair kits sold for $20, which sounds great, but is that really the best way to … Read More

Glass showers: Choosing your glass

The Benefits of Custom Glass Showers – Your Glass Options Being clean and sanitary is more important than ever. Shower curtains are a breeding ground for bacteria. A study conducted by Safe Home in 2021 showed that an average shower curtain has 60 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Glass shower enclosures, glass shower walls, and glass shower doors make cleaning a breeze; spray, squeegee, done. It’s simple, effective, and most importantly, clean and … Read More

Glass showers: Their Functionality

Why You Need A Glass Shower  Whether you’re looking to remodel your current home or considering a new house, you’ll be spending a lot of your time in the bathroom. You start and end your day there, some of us hide from our kids there, and you may even get your best ideas in there.  You want to make sure it’s a space that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Here’s why a glass shower is … Read More

3-in-1 Simple Design to Improve Your Home

Upgrade Your Home with Custom Mirrors Your home deserves an upgrade, and so do you. Big renovations take time and a lot of money. With custom mirrors, you get an easy, simple way to update your home without having to dive into a whole new project! Here’s how this unique touch of decor gives you three benefits for the price of one. What are Custom Mirrors? And are Custom Mirrors Environmentally Friendly? Did you know … Read More