Tired of Your Car Windows Fogging?

a black car with a reflection of trees in front

Windows constantly fogging up can be a sign that you need to repair or replace your window seals. When a window seal breaks, it can cause issues with the temperature in your car, as well as the clarity of your windows.

Severe Weather’s Effect on Your Car

lightning strike during night time

If you were recently stuck in a storm and received car damage, it is important to make sure you fix those damages immediately. Read more to learn why.

Should You be Glazing Your Windows?

two plants in front of white window

Kryger Glass can glaze all residential glass. Sometimes people think it’s an unnecessary task to be done, but it is proven to be very energy efficient. So don’t wait and call Kryger Glass today!

Tips to Consider When Looking For a New Home

In the current market, finding the right home for the right price is more challenging than ever. Houses seem to be selling FAST and for way above the market value, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Finding a home for you and your family is not only difficult but stressful. With such a large investment of course you want everything to be perfect – the right feel of the home, neighborhood, and school … Read More

Kryger Glass: How Long Do Windows Last?

A sitting window that overlooks a field

Windows have an expiration date, if left unchecked you could be paying large fees due to old windows. Learn the average length residential windows usually last and how different types of windows affect the length of time.