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Commercial Exterior Windows

Business owners know that first impressions are the cornerstone of their success. And having a beautiful space is a crucial component in providing the wow factor that clients appreciate. Something as seemingly unimportant as your exterior windows can make a significant difference in how potential customers view you.

If you own a commercial property, you need to make sure your windows are beautiful, welcoming, and in great shape. Small, dingy windows, or those with cracks in them, alert potential clients that you don’t care about quality. Certainly, that is not the story you want to tell.

Kryger Glass wants to help you make the most out of your commercial building. When it comes to exterior windows for commercial properties, the experts at Kryger Glass have you covered.

Replacement Commercial Exterior Windows

To keep your building looking its best, you must pay attention to your exterior windows. If your windows are too damaged or too small to see through, you are sending a “stay away” message.

And if you are the owner of a commercial property that you need to lease to tenants, you have to keep your windows in perfect condition. 

You can’t attract high-quality tenants if your property looks rundown and low-rent. The team at Kryger Glass can help you decide the best course of action for your windows. From repair to reglazing to full replacement, we can get your property’s windows into their best shape yet. 

Many owners of older buildings find that the exterior windows are smaller than they’d like. They want to upgrade to larger options that allow more light into their commercial space. Our highly-trained crew can help you choose the perfect size and style of windows to give your business a facelift. But they also will help you stay true to the aesthetics of the building.

Commercial properties are notorious for high utility bills for heating and cooling. Almost a third of a business’ energy loss each month is due to old or damaged windows. Nip that problem in the bud with new windows. The energy efficiency of updated windows will give you a significant return on your investment. You will end up with a more comfortable working environment as well as extra money in the bank. 

When you know that it’s time to give your commercial building’s windows some TLC, reach out to Kryger Glass. You will be proud to show off the results of our expert work. With the most modern materials and techniques, we can transform your drab, outdated windows. Instead, you will enjoy beautiful, energy-efficient pieces that keep your customers coming in the door.

Our glaziers and technicians work quickly and respectfully to get the job done with minimal intrusion into your business operations. Renovations and updates always create some disruption, but our team stays focused and works efficiently to finish on time and let you return to work in peace.

Commercial Exterior Windows For New Construction

If you are building a brand new commercial property, then the sky’s the limit when it comes to your exterior window choices. You will enjoy a wide range of options as you consider the size, style, and the number of windows for your building.

The Kryger Glass experts are happy to work with you to decide the best use of window space for maximum impact. It’s exciting to have so much freedom in choosing such an essential piece of your business’ exterior. Get ready to be the envy of the business district!

Our installers and technicians receive continual training to stay up-to-date on everything the industry has to offer. With professional and friendly attitudes, they are the perfect crew to get the job done on time and budget. 

Reap The Benefits

Our commercial exterior glass windows will give your business a boost. They look fantastic and are easy to clean and maintain. Your curb appeal will skyrocket with new or replacement windows from Kryger. When you look better, the clients and customers will be eager to come in and look around.

You can rest easy knowing that our exterior windows for commercial businesses and buildings are sturdy and strong. Your investment will last you for decades. And with tempered glass options, you can add an extra layer of safety to your windows, as well.

And with new windows, you will watch your energy bills go down. Enjoy significant savings once your installation is complete.

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