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Commercial Glass Doors

If you own a commercial property, then you know how critical your entry doors are in making a great first impression. The door is more than just the entry and exit point for the building. A doorway represents an invitation to all prospective clients and customers out there. When you choose glass doors, you set yourself up for success.

Glass doors are classy, sophisticated, and welcoming. Customers hesitate to enter businesses when they can’t see inside. It feels intrusive and as if they don't belong there. But glass doors invite people to enter with confidence. Spending the money on quality glass doors tells the world that your business wants them to come on in to shop. 

When you need glass doors for your commercial business or building, look no further than Kryger Glass. Our experienced technicians will provide expert installation for your storefront or commercial entry area.

Stand Out In A Crowd

Commercial property owners understand how challenging it is to set yourself apart from the competition. In high-density business areas, you need to be the one that pulls potential customers in the doors. With high-quality custom glass doors, you can do just that.

Right off the bat, a beautiful glass door expresses your commitment to excellence. It also gives an impression of openness and trustworthiness, and these traits are critical in building and keeping a great reputation. Glass doors at your entrance tell prospective customers that they are welcome and that you are ready to connect with them.

Get A Fresh & Updated Look To Suit Your Style

New glass doors for commercial buildings do not have to look industrial. You have almost limitless options when it comes to the style of your glass doors, and that can feel overwhelming. The team at Kryger Glass can help you find the perfect choice for your budget, aesthetic, and space requirements. We partner with you to determine the right style, materials, and hardware for your business entry doors.

Some of the most popular glass door choices include:

  • Aluminum Storefront Doors - These doors are very common. They are durable, energy-efficient, and economical, making them a great choice for many commercial property owners.
  • Frameless Doors - You will often see these doors in upscale, urban environments such as banks and retail shops. They are elegant and modern-looking and give a very open feel to incoming clients and customers.
  • Balanced Doors - This unique glass door style is an excellent choice. It opens using a carefully-engineered pivot system rather than a traditional side hinge. Balanced doors allow you to have heavier doors than you can enjoy with a typical design, but they are still easy to open. The design balances the pressure of interior and exterior air and requires much less effort to open the door. In fact, balanced doors are so easy to open that they can meet ADA requirements without you needing to install an automatic opener.
  • Revolving Doors - Who didn’t love a fun revolving door as a kid? These glass doors are perfect choices in commercial properties with a high volume of customers. They also work well for businesses whose customers might have large purchases to maneuver through the doors. Transit depots and warehouses typically use revolving doors. They are great choices in colder climates, and they do a good job of moving large numbers of people through the door quickly.

Kryger Glass can handle the installation of any of these glass door styles for your commercial space. In the Midwest, we are the go-to glass company for all of your business needs.

Greet Your Customers With Class

The entrance to your business sets the tone and tells potential customers what to expect from you. If your door is cracked, outdated, or difficult to open, they may decide to turn away. The door should be an invitation, not a barrier.

With a gorgeous set of custom glass doors, you will stand out from the other businesses in your area. Your customers and staff will enjoy walking into your establishment and will want to linger. Glass doors allow significant natural light to enter your space to give it an open, comfortable feel.

For vast knowledge and expertise in the glass business, you need Kryger Glass. We have over 70 years of experience, serving residential and commercial property owners throughout the Midwest. Our highly-trained staff ensures that you have an excellent product that will serve you well for years to come. You will be proud to welcome customers and clients into your space. Give us a call today to see how beautiful your entry doors can be. 

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