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Kryger Glass specializes in small, medium, and large commercial glazing projects. Whether it be for a small retail shop or a large office building, our team is ready to work on your windows today.


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Window Glazing For Offices, Buildings, and Shops

With the evolution of glazed windows over the years, it can turn into a confusing topic. There are single glazed windows, double glazed windows, and even triple glazed. There are clear glazed windows or tinted styles. Given all the options, it can be hard to decide what’s best for your business. Let’s try to clear it up!

Single Glazed Windows: This refers to single-pane windows, where the glaze either coats the entire glass or the seams.

Double Glazed Windows: For windows that have both an inner and outer pane, you’ll need to use this type of treatment.

Triple Glazed Windows: This type of treatment refers to windows that have three panes of glass.

Tinted Windows: In addition to glazing, some windows feature a tint that prevents the sun from completely shining through. You’ll see this window on skyscrapers and other office buildings. Some feature UV coatings that protect from sun exposure.

The point of glazing is to keep utilities down and insulate against noise. Different glazes work best for different climates – which is something your Kryger technician can help you pick.

If you'd like to read more about Glazing and how it works, please see our residential glazing page.

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