Commercial Interior Glass & Partitions

Keep an open floor plan by soundproofing your office with glass partitions

We've been installing glass since 1947 and excel in glass partitions in office buildings and retail stores.


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Commercial Interior Glass & Partitions

Commercial businesses and buildings are eager to latch onto the newest design element for transforming their overall work environment. Interior glass windows, partitions, and enclosures change the look and feel of a workspace. 

Glass makes the inside areas of any building more sophisticated and appealing. And since they are easy to clean and maintain, glass surfaces are healthier than fabric or other materials. Kryger Glass is proud to offer our expertise in the area of interior glass and partitions for commercial businesses and buildings.

An Updated Modern Look

You have probably noticed this if you’ve been in a newer business lately. Glass is everywhere, even on the inside. 

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Partitions
  • Walls
  • Conference Rooms
  • Desk and Tabletops

Kryger Glass is your go-to for all of these different commercial glass applications. You will love how open and light your business work area feels once you add some stunning glass pieces into your space.

Whether you are designing a brand new space or want to update your existing decor and structures, we can help. With the highest-quality products and expert technicians, we provide you with a beautiful work area that you will love. Your employees will enjoy coming to work in such a light, open, and bright place.

Glass Partitions, Walls, & Enclosures

Interior glass walls and partitions are a gorgeous and modern addition to your office. It is time to take a modern approach and say, “Good riddance” to dull, dark cubicle partitions. They are not only dreary and dark, but they also hold onto germs and dust and are difficult to keep sanitary. With glass installations, we will transform your building space into a more open and collaborative space. 

Offices and conference rooms also benefit from an upgrade to glass. Gone are the days of bosses holing up in a walled-off office, unavailable to their staff. Today’s companies thrive on openness and cooperation. Employees often feel more welcome and valued in a setting in which their supervisor is visible and part of the group. This heightened sense of teamwork allows your entire crew to work at a higher level.

And for entertaining potential clients or meeting to seal the deal, the modern aesthetic of a glass conference room is excellent. It gives your business a sophisticated look that customers appreciate. 

From a design standpoint, glass brings many intangible benefits. Commercial spaces that utilize a lot of interior glass foster a sense of:

  • Openness
  • Trustworthiness
  • Freedom
  • Teamwork
  • Youth
  • Honesty
  • Transparency

Glass Tabletops

Bring a modern vibe to the boardroom with a custom glass tabletop. You will help your conference area shed the stuffy, old-fashioned feel of past eras by utilizing glass. The Kryger Glass glaziers and installers are highly-trained to ensure the best result possible.

Corporate officers also enjoy making the switch to glass for their desks. It gives them a beautiful space from which to conduct their business.

Interior Glass Gives A Modern Edge To A Modern Business

Even highly traditional industries, like banking and finance, are making the switch to open, glass-filled spaces. Customers want to feel as though they can trust a company, and the literal transparency of glass allows them to achieve this. Businesses must appeal to younger consumers than ever before. The switch to glass helps to make this possible.

Keeping up with new design aesthetics shows that your business is forward-thinking and can be flexible as it grows. These attributes are important to today’s customers and clients. If your commercial space looks like it’s from their great-grandfather’s era, customers are likely to stay away.

Kryger Glass allows your business to put its best foot forward. Glass interiors will impress your potential and current clients, letting them know they can trust you to do excellent work for them.

Long-Lasting Beauty

Commercial interior glass is safe and durable. We know that it is crucial for your business to get the best value for your design dollar, and a long-lasting material gives you a high value for sure. Because glass is durable and beautiful, you will enjoy your new stylish interior space for years to come. 

The Kryger Glass team provides excellent installation so that your pieces will be safe and sturdy through daily use. With simple cleaning and maintenance, you will get years of worry-free beauty in your commercial space.

When it comes to interior glass and partitions for your commercial business and building, look no further than Kryger Glass. Our design team will help you get a plan in place, and our technicians will complete the installation. You, your employees, and your customers will love the open and modern space.

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