Cost Analysis: Is it Worth Replacing Old Windows?

June 12, 2020

Homeownership is a long-term investment. As with any investment, you should expect to budget for maintenance. One question that you should ask when you own an older home is: Is it worth replacing old windows? You may ask, “If it isn’t broken, why fix it?” 

That is nothing but broken logic when it comes to windows. Kryger Glass has been answering this question for four generations, and we will break down the reasons why it’s worth replacing your old windows. 

Is it Worth Replacing Old Windows

The easy answer is, “yes, it is worth replacing old windows.” When considering window replacement, you’ll want to consider a few different aspects of the cost analysis. The up-front investment for new windows can be daunting, but consider the following:  

Return on Investment 

When you buy a home, the money you put toward the balance, plus the repairs and remodels you do adds to the equity of the home. Energy-efficient windows with modern, more durable materials will add a significant amount of worth to your home. 

You can add more value simply by upgrading your windows. When you replace the windows, you can expect to recoup approximately 70-80% of your investment cost into your home’s value. This means that if you spend $500 on window replacements, you’ll see about $375 added to the equity of your home. 

Curb Appeal

When a home is more visually appealing than its neighbors or adds to the neighborhood’s aesthetic value, you can also expect to see a 3-5% increase in your home’s value. Adding new, attractive, and matching windows to your home will boost your equity when it’s time to resell the house. 

Some real estate experts have suggested that replacing your old windows will encourage your neighbors to improve their own homes. By adding property value to your own home, it helps raise the overall value of the neighborhood. 

Energy Efficiency

Most older windows are single pane and not energy efficient. These allow significant levels of heat to escape through the windows because there is no additional insulation to keep the heat in. Heat transfer goes the other way as well. In hot climates, single-paned windows allow a lot of heat into your home. The Department of Energy estimates that you could be losing up to 30% of your home’s heat through single-pane windows. 

Installing double-pane or double-glazed windows will help insulate your home against extreme highs and lows when the weather changes. Most double-pane windows have the gap between the two panes of glass filled with insulating gas to help absorb winds and handle the variety of temperature differences. 

Call the Professionals to Get the Job Done

Kryger Glass is proud to work with clients all around the Midwest. We service residential, commercial, and automotive glass needs. Our team is ready to help you with your repairs or upgrades today. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs.  

Since 1947, Kryger Glass has been serving our community. Our experts bring experience and professionalism to every job. Kryger Glass Family has been here to ensure your glass needs are filled. You can be confident that we will get the job done.

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