Do I Need To Fix a Stuck Window?

June 9, 2022

Last updated on February 2, 2024

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When your car window is stuck, you’re in one of two situations. The car window is stuck, but at least it’s rolled up. The other is that the car window is stuck, but your window is rolled down. The first situation is frustrating but not an immediate emergency. The second situation is the worst-case scenario. You need to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Worst Case: Window is Stuck Down

When your car window is stuck open, you are vulnerable to a multitude of things! 

  • Water Damage to Interior – If there’s inclement weather, your car’s interior is at risk for damage. Getting rain or snow inside the car can lead to mold and expensive cleaning bills. 
  • Theft – You also make yourself a target for thieves. Even a window that’s only partially stuck open allows for easier access. They’ll be able to pick the lock, and not need to worry about breaking glass or being overly noticeable. 

For these two reasons alone, you might be asking yourself, “How can I quickly fix a stuck window?” The quickest and most effective way to fix a stuck window, and avoid issues in the future, is to make sure you take your car to an auto glass expert as soon as possible.

Sign of the Times – Catch the Issue Before You’re Stuck

You can also get ahead of these situations. Your car windows will give you signs that they’re beginning to fail. Here are the top 3 signs your car window is nearing the end:

  • There is a grinding noise as you roll your window up or down. This could be an indication that your car’s power window motor is failing.
  • Your car’s manual window is getting hard to crank.
  • Your window slows to a crawl when raising or lowering, even in regular temperatures. 

Noticing these signs and getting into an auto glass expert will save you money and time in the long run. It will also give you peace of mind, and you’ll be able to avoid the stress of a car window stuck open.

Why is my Window Stuck?

Your car windows see a lot of use, which causes a lot of wear and tear. If you have kids or you fiddle when you’re bored, you know it’s even worse.  Here’s a list of common window repairs; from least-expensive to most-expensive:

  • Your car window could be dislodged. Being dislodged means that the tracks the window rides on are loose, damaged, or the clips that attach the window to the regulator are broken. These allow the window to escape the tracks and tilt in weird directions. To fix this, auto glass experts will remove the door panel, identify the problem, and replace or repair the misbehaving parts. This will make your window as good as new. Luckily it’s usually a quick fix so repairs don’t take too long or cost too much. 
  • Your car window motor is broken. If you push your window button and the window doesn’t move, the motor is probably broken. It could also be the window motor if the window moves at a crazy speed. This is dangerous because the impact could cause the window to break inside the car door. It isn’t a quick repair, but it can usually be done in a few hours. 
  • Your car window regulator could be broken. The regulator controls the up and down movement of your windows. If you hear a strange noise when rolling your window up, this is an early sign of the regulator failing. If it’s damaged enough, the window may completely fall when you try to raise or lower it. This is usually after an accident. This fix is more intensive and intricate so it will cost more than a dislodged window.

Do it Safe, Do it Right. Use Kryger Glass to Quickly Fix a Stuck Car Window

Remember that glass is a fragile and dangerous material. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could easily cause more damage to your car or to yourself. Use an auto glass company that knows how to handle all types of windows and repairs. From power windows to manual ones, we have the parts you need. Our product is built to last. We can fix the problem and have you on the road in a matter of hours. We can even come to you. Call us to schedule your appointment today, or get a quote online.

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