Glass showers: Their Functionality

September 8, 2022
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Why You Need A Glass Shower 

Whether you’re looking to remodel your current home or considering a new house, you’ll be spending a lot of your time in the bathroom. You start and end your day there, some of us hide from our kids there, and you may even get your best ideas in there.  You want to make sure it’s a space that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Here’s why a glass shower is crucial to creating a bathroom you’ll want to spend time in and be proud of.

Glass Shower Enclosures Improve Bathroom Aesthetics

The shower is one of the first things you notice the moment you walk into a bathroom. A glass shower turns an outdated bathroom into a modern, luxurious space. Add a few candles, and you can bring a touch of the spa to your own home. Glass shower enclosures also make the room bigger. They allow existing light to flow freely, giving a small and dark bathroom a new feeling of openness. 

There are so many options to choose from. You can go traditional with framed sliding doors or a modern double door for a more luxurious design. You can get clear glass or patterned glass with beautiful textures, patterns, or etchings in it. The hardware is also customizable! Choose from brushed nickel, chrome, gold, satin, or even your own personalized custom design. Why stick to a boring shower curtain when you can create your perfect space with a customized design?

Glass Shower Walls are Easy to Clean and Prevent Water Leakage

We all know that in today’s world being clean and sanitary is more important than ever. Shower curtains are a breeding ground for bacteria. A study by Safe Home in 2021 showed that your shower curtain has 60 times more bacteria than your toilet seat. In today’s society, there is a big emphasis on making everything clean and sanitary. 

Glass shower enclosures and doors make cleaning a breeze. Just buy a shower squeegee and your favorite spray-on cleaner. Spray and squeegee as you get out of the shower and you’re all set! It’s simple, effective, and most importantly clean as well as sanitary. You can also add a protective coating called ShowerGuard. It’s highly resilient to dirt, soap, and hard water buildup. It permanently fuses your glass and cuts down on the cleaning time. 

A glass shower door also prevents water leakage. With a glass door, there won’t be water seeping out through the shower curtains and no more giant puddles on the floor causing water damage and safety hazards. The seal keeps water in without needing to fuss with a dingy curtain.

Glass Showers Are Chemical-Free and are Eco-Friendly

Did you know that some shower curtains contain PVC? Vinyl shower curtains have mostly been discontinued, but if your curtain is old or you didn’t check the packaging, you may want to consider switching. PVC contains chemicals that are harmful to your health. These volatile organic compounds can cause damage to the central nervous system, and kidneys, and also lead to nausea and headaches. 

If the shower curtain doesn’t contain PVC, they often use ethylene vinyl acetate. The process of creating this material is extremely bad for the environment. There are environmentally friendly options out there like hemp and other fabrics. However, the quality of these is questionable sometimes. You also run into the problem of the fabric getting wet. This causes dripping and puddles on the floor, as well as mold and bacterial growth on the shower curtains. Switching to a glass shower door is the easiest way to avoid these problems and help the environment as well. 

Glass Showers Can Be Customized by the Professionals at Kryger Glass

If you’re ready to transform your hum-drum bathroom into a beautiful and unique space, Kryger Glass can make that happen. No matter what you want for your bath and shower area, we can build it for you. By the time we’re finished, you’ll love the look and feel of your perfect glass shower enclosure. Our expert glaziers and technicians will walk you through all of the choices until your custom glass shower is perfect. With our expert installation and excellent customer service, we know you’ll be happy with the finished project. Get a customized quote today and see how beautiful your bathroom can become. 

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