How Kryger Glass Repairs Car Windshields

March 22, 2022

Last updated on February 2, 2024

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 If the integrity of your car windshield has been lessened, due to a chip or a crack, it’s time for a repair or replacement. Kryger Glass offers a quick and easy process that allows you to be back on the road as soon as possible. The safety of you and your passengers is crucial when driving, so make sure that you are ready for your next drive. Cracks and chips are the most common types of road damage that a car can endure.  

Not Sure if You Need a Repair?

Some impact points don’t spread, and others do. It just depends on the weather and the quality of glass used. We offer criteria for you to self-check at home, and see if you need a windshield replacement or repair.  

  • Is the chip smaller than a quarter?
  • Is the damage located away from the edge of the windshield?
  • Is the crack or chip only within the first layer of glass?
  • Is the glass still intact where the chip occurred?
  • Is the blemish out of the driver’s line of sight?

If you said “yes” to all of those questions, you most likely qualify for a car window repair and not a replacement.  

How Does Windshield Repair Work? 

Once you determine that you need a windshield repair, you need to contact us and Set an appointment. When you make an appointment, they will determine the official diagnosis and start working.  

  • The technician uses cleaning pads to gently remove any small bits of glass from the damaged area.
  • With a special injector tool, they’ll center over the damage to create a seal over the area of missing glass.
  • Then, they fill the injector with high-quality resin and carefully push the resin into the chip or crack. This resin is what reinstates the integrity of your windshield. It’s vital that they get this part right.
  • Once the resin has had time to sit, they remove the injector. Now it’s time to fill in the missing glass to give it a smooth finish.
  • They use a filler to cover the chip, let it sit until it’s dried, and then scrape off the extra.

This whole process should take no more than an hour from start to finish. Take note that a windshield repair can mean that there are blemishes seen. The purpose of a repair is to keep it functioning.  

If you have any questions involving the process, you are more than welcome to look at our website to see the step-by-step process taken for a windshield repair.

More Than Just a Tiny Chip?

There are cases where the window can’t be repaired and has to be entirely replaced. Luckily for you, we at Kryger Glass can help with all your glass needs. We also do total windshield replacements if you need it. In addition to windshields, we repair many other windows including:

  • Front Door
  • Rear Door
  • Vent Glass
  • Quarter Glass
  • Back Windshield

When you set up your appointment, we will assure you that high-quality glass is installed by expert technicians using the best materials. For you and your passenger’s safety, you must use the proper technicians to get the job done correctly.  

We’ll handle all the communication and paperwork with your insurance company, so all you have to do is set up the appointment.

We even make it easy to get a quote. All you need is the year, make, and model of your car. Then tell us which window needs to be replaced.

Why Should You Fix Your Windshield?

  1. It’s quick, easy, and cheap. Repairing your chip or crack can be done in a snap, and you don’t even have to leave your driveway or parking lot to have it done. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than replacing your entire windshield, in the event that your windshield breaks. In most cases, your insurance company will cover the full cost of the repair with no deductible.
  2. Over time, your windshield will shatter. When the integrity of your windshield is compromised with a chip or a crack, that crack will get bigger over time. One good bump in the road or hit from an object can cause it to spider out.
  3. Simply put, it’s your ticket to safety. A compromised windshield can’t do its job – and it has a big job to do.

Your Safety is Key

Don’t wait to repair your damaged windshield; your safety is essential! Go to our website or call us at 866.295.2081 to get the process started. Windshield Repair or replacement is a quick and easy process with Kryger Glass.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get your car back to normal today. 

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