How Long Do Windshield Windows Last And When Should I Replace Them?

October 23, 2020
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Have you ever found yourself asking, how long do windshield windows last? Something that has a straightforward question has a surprising number of answers. Those who drive frequently can expect windshields to wear out in less than five years. Those that see little to no use will obviously maintain their glass longer. Kryger Glass offers some of the top five helpful tips for your windshield. When you find yourself needing replacement windows, choose us for the best deals around.

Don’t Tailgate Other Drivers

Sure, you might be late for work, but that isn’t everyone else’s problem. When you tailgate, you not only risk harm to cars but to people as well. According to the NHTSA, nearly a quarter of all traffic accidents involve rear-end collisions. If that isn’t enough, around 2,000 drivers die every year, with about a million injured.

Store Cars Inside, or Cover Them

Many drivers simply park their vehicles in their concrete driveway or at the curb. While there is nothing wrong with doing so, it can contribute to windshield issues. Once the A/C stops blowing, your car’s temperature quickly rises when it’s parked under the sun. As it reaches several hundreds of degrees, the glass also warms and expands.

Any weakened sections will likely produce hairline cracks from the stress and strain. If you are going to park outdoors, consider purchasing a cover for your vehicle.

Turn the Speaker Bass Down

Whether you feel like pumping some Skrillex or Kendrick Lamar, the bass is often maxed out. Not only are your ears ringing, but all your windows shake as well. Sound ripples like water, meaning waves wash through your front and rear windshields. Over time, the pulsating can worsen any unseen blemishes, leading to cracks or shattered glass.

While it may be your jam, you should consider keeping the volume lower. If nothing else, the surrounding drivers will appreciate not hearing your favorite bass lines.

Replace Worn Out Windshield Wipers Quickly

It may sound obvious, but not all drivers replace their windshield wipers when they should. Whether they forget or they don’t think it’s necessary, it only harms your glass.

Your wipers play a two-part role in maintaining your car’s front windshield. Not only do you promote better visibility, but it prevents water from entering cracks. Hot glass mixed with cold rain is also a quick recipe for developing problems. If you aren’t sure what kind of windshield wipers you need, any auto parts store can help.

Clean Auto Glass Regularly

Another no-brainer for any good driver is keeping your windshield clean. Not only does this improve your visibility and safety, but it prevents glass problems.

Even though it may look even and smooth, glass has pores, just like your skin. Similar to your face, it needs to eliminate any oils, greases, and other blemishes. If not, the same thing happens to your car’s windshield as it does you. These pores can clog, etch into the surface, and ultimately cause weakened glass sections.

Are You Worried About How Long Windshield Windows Last?

When your windshield forms cracks, chips, and breaks, you need us. Choose Kryger Glass today for affordable auto glass replacements every day.

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