How to Fix Foggy Windows in Your Home

January 30, 2021
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Modern windows in your home or office are likely double-pane insulated windows. If you’re experiencing fogginess between the panes of glass, it’s a sign of a leak in your seal and perhaps a loss of insulative integrity in your window. With that being said, what do you need to do?

There isn’t a lot you can do for a DIY fix, and you’ll need a professional’s help. You can still mitigate most of the damage by resealing the windows’ edges as a stopgap measure until they arrive. You will either have to replace the window or repair it if the damage is limited enough. 

Condensation Between Window Panes – Why Does it Matter?

Your windows are the best source of natural light. They can also let fresh air in and keep bad weather at bay. When they work properly, they have a high level of efficiency created from the argon gas between the individual panes of glass without fogging. When they fog up with condensation, you’re losing insulation value and running up your heating or cooling bill.

What Causes Foggy Windows?

Condensation can occur on the inside of your window from your home being warm and humid, and the outside climate being cold and dry. However, the condensation and fog that you need to worry about most is the kind that occurs between the panes of glass in your windows. 

Broken seals occur when the rubber or vinyl around the glass edges becomes damaged and cracked. When this happens, it leaks the argon gas out of your window and invites in the surrounding humidity. This can cause insulation issues and create a dangerous situation with the expansion of the moisture in cold weather. 

Unusual Heat

If you live in a place that tends to get very hot and stay very hot, your windows are likely rated for high heat levels. However, if you or the builder opted for windows that aren’t rated for high temperatures, the seals can corrode and deteriorate in the sunlight and sweltering heat of your climate.

Prolonged Exposure to Moisture

Even with high-quality windows, frequent or prolonged exposure to water can contribute to a faster breakdown of the seals around your windows. Seaside towns and those that tend to see longer rainy seasons have a shorter lifespan on their windows. 

Proper installation, regular maintenance, and quick action when damage is first noticed will lead to a longer time between repairs and replacements. 


The passage of time is inevitable. Even the most expensive windows won’t last forever, so it’s important to consider the windows in older homes. Replacing windows that tend to fog will prevent moisture damage and increase your heating and cooling efficiency. Replacing these windows will also increase your home’s resale value. 

Repair and Replace

When you’ve decided that your windows need to be repaired or replaced, we strongly encourage you to consider working with an expert in window installation. The process can be dangerous, and mistakes can be costly. 

Kryger Glass has the experience, training, licensing, and insurance to provide you with the best window service possible. Give us a call today to discuss your situation, and we can go over all of your options. 

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