How to Handle Hail Damage to Your Car Windshield

August 28, 2020

Last updated on February 2, 2024

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Let’s face it; you feel a certain kind of awe when a summer storm lights up the sky. That is until you find out later that golf ball-sized hail cracked your car’s windshield. Here’s how to fix hail damage to car windshields to continue enjoying nature’s power.

Reasons for Hail Damage to Car Glass

For the most part, automobile windshields provide a sturdy protective barrier for your car. As the windshield wipers expertly repel the buckets of rain sloshing against the windscreen, it’s hard to think of the glass as fragile. Still, the windshield on your car is vulnerable to attack by road debris and the weather.

Road Debris

Daily driving makes even the most pristine windshield look a little worse for wear. Between rocks and other flying road debris, few windows are fortunate enough to avoid damage. There’s a strong chance that you’ll need to deal with auto glass dings, chips, and cracks.

Once your windshield sustains damage from road debris, you’ll have to decide on a repair or replacement. Allstate Insurance recommends that you leave the repair work to an auto glass professional. 

Minor chips and cracks fixes involve inserting a resin into the area. Severe damage, or if the problem is right in front of the driver’s view, often leads to a total windshield replacement.

Hail Damage

Have you ever been caught outdoors during a hail storm? If so, you’ve probably felt how even a tiny ball of hail can sting when it hits your skin. Now, imagine the force of a ball of ice striking against your windshield.

The destructive potential of a hail storm depends on the overall strength of the stormy weather. Depending on the hail storm’s power, car owners may face everything from an insignificant chip in the glass to a smashed windshield.

Hail damage to your car windshield shouldn’t wait too long for repair. Even tiny cracks can grow into large and expensive problems over time. Schedule a repair appointment with an auto glass service provider right away to find out if repair or a complete windshield replacement is your best option.

Does Insurance Cover Hail Damage to Your Car

Many car owners think of car insurance as something to rely on following an accident. However, your insurance premiums may also protect you against large auto glass repair bills after a storm. 

Comprehensive auto insurance typically covers you if your windshield needs repair or replacement due to a hail storm. It’s even possible that your insurance coverage will pick up the total bill if your windshield needs significant repairs.

Contact your insurance agent after the storm. Your agent will help file your claim. An insurance adjuster from the company will determine how much money you will receive.

Keep in mind that your insurance company most likely has multiple claims following a storm. Be patient but also move quickly to file the necessary damage report information

Sometimes, an insurer will steer you to their preferred auto repair company. You don’t need to work with their suggested business if you want to go to another auto glass specialist.

It’s our experience that you can often avoid using your insurance company for slight damage to your car. Receiving high-quality glass repairs isn’t expensive and might even be less costly than paying your insurance deductible. Get a quote before involving your insurance company in minor hail damage.

Last Thoughts

Hail damage to car windshields is common in many areas of the country. You can depend on an auto glass specialist to return your windshield to a safe condition.
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