How to Protect My Glass Tabletop from Chipping

November 23, 2021
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When it comes to glass tabletops, there are so many elegant shapes, styles, and cuts available. Contemporary glass tabletop styles can add a beautiful centerpiece to a dining room, an accent piece to a living room, and the transparency of a glass tabletop can even give the illusion of more space in a small room. But it doesn’t matter how good a table looks if it is full of chips and scratches. That’s why Kryger Glass wants to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to keep your glass tabletop in great shape!

How to Protect your Glass Tabletop

Glass tabletops are generally made of tempered glass, which is a lot sturdier than regular glass, giving you that added protection. But every glass surface is susceptible to wear and tear. If you are worried about keeping your glass looking brand new, here are some tips to make sure that happens.  

  • Prevent Scratches
    Don’t use your table for anything other than its intended purpose. Do your best to keep the tabletop clear of toys and clutter, and don’t use the glass table for things like homework. Set workstations up on other surfaces so that your glass tabletop can avoid daily traffic that increases its chances of chips and scratches.
  • Clean your Glass Properly
    Do not use abrasives and cleaners that contain ammonia and acid. You should also avoid wiping your glass tabletop with paper towels. Paper towels can leave an unsightly lint on the glass surface. Using glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth is the most recommended way to wipe down the glass surface.  
  • Use Rubber Bumpers
    The use of rubber adhesives on the bottom of objects allows you to place sharper objects on the glass without stress. They can also provide anti-skid properties that prevent your glass tops from sliding or falling off.
  • Decorative Mats, Runners, Coasters, and Hot pads
    Use placemats, runners, coasters, and hot pads as a barrier between dishes and decorations that could harm your table’s surface. Don’t place anything hot or sharp directly on the table to avoid damaging marks and rings.   

Getting the Perfect Glass Tabletop for You

Maybe you need to replace your tabletop glass that suffered a crack or break. Perhaps you want to add something new to a long-cherished piece. Or maybe you want to protect the investment you made on a fine selection of furniture. Whatever your tabletop glass needs, Kryger has the custom solution for you. If you need to replace or repair your glass tabletop, start here: 

  1. Measure the selected piece of furniture
  2. Write down the dimensions
  3. Call us to set up an appointment at 866.259.2081

When you come in for your appointment, we’ll help you select the glass and edging that fits your furniture best. If you’re worried about getting the correct measurements and it’s possible to bring in the piece for us to measure for you, we’ll make sure the numbers add up.

Custom Designs Waiting for You

We offer customers a wide range of glass options in many shapes and sizes. Square, round, rectangle – you pick, and we’ll make it to order. Customers have added glass to their desks, dining room tables, end tables, and more. They use us to protect, modernize and fix.

We also offer more than just clear glass; you can choose from mirrored and tempered glass, perfect for small tables or those with some damage you’re looking to hide.

If you are wondering what edging we offer, it is genuinely based on the type of table you have. There are polished pencil edges that are rounded, which are great for glass cover tops. Then there are beveled edges that have a decorative angle. If you are replacing glass in a covered inlet, the seamed edge may be the right choice for you as it’s the most economical and won’t be seen. Or, there’s the flat polish edge, perfect for thicker tabletop glass. The sky is the limit!

Get Started Today!

Here at Kryger Glass, we are awaiting your phone call to help. Ideally, nobody wants to replace a glass tabletop, but life happens, and people have accidents. If you find yourself needing a new custom glass tabletop, Kryger Glass is the place for you! Let’s get started today by contacting us on our website.  

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