How To Protect My Home From Hail and Severe Storm Damage

July 15, 2022

Last updated on February 2, 2024

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In the midwest region of the United States, spring and summer can play host to various weather patterns that are constantly changing. During these seasons, you can expect at least one severe storm that might bring tornados and hail. Tornados are the biggest worry for many people but don’t ignore the warning of when hail is coming. Hail can cause severe damage to yourself and your property. It’s essential to take the proper steps to protect your home and those inside it.

Home and Window Protection Before A Storm

When a storm is rolling through, there isn’t much you can do at the moment to protect your home. This is why you want your home to always be in tip-top shape so it can successfully weather any storm. Here are some recommendations to reduce hail damage to the most prone areas of your home:  

Invest in Homeowners Insurance – Storms can create a lot of anxiety. Adding the stress of protecting your home on top of this can make it nerve-racking. Make sure you have storm insurance, so you don’t have to worry about home repairs during your next storm. 

Ensure the roof is in good condition – You can do this by inspecting your roof after a major storm to see if there is any pre-existing damage. If there is previous damage, make sure to repair it before the next severe weather season.

Replace a worn-down roof – Sometimes roofs are in need of repair. After constant exposure to the elements, your roof can wear down. If this is the case, it might be time to call a professional for a replacement.

Protect your windows –  If your home has older, single-pane windows, consider adding storm windows for added protection. Call our professionals at Kryger Glass to find out what are the best storm windows and information about installation. 

Consider upgrading your skylights If you have skylights, make sure they are storm windows so they can withstand high-impact storms. This will minimize any possible damage.

Consider using fiber cement siding – On the roof and sides of your home, consider using fiber cement siding. Hail tends to damage aluminum or vinyl siding much easier than fiber cement.

Home and Window Protection During Storm

When it comes to potential storm damage to your home, your windows are the most susceptible. Because they are so susceptible to damage, they are likely the first thing you think of when a storm rolls in. There are a couple of things you can do to protect your home windows during a storm: 

  1. Close all drapes, blinds, and shades – Make sure to close all of the drapes, blinds, and window shades. Severe storms can throw hail and debris at your home, and if an object were to hit your window, you want to make sure something prevents the glass from shattering all over the inside of your home.  
  2. Leave the windows slightly open – You’re always advised to leave windows slightly open during big storms and then stay away from them. This is because the pressure from tornado winds or flying objects could shatter the glass. 
  3. Stay away from the windows – During massive storms you will want to stay away from the windows. Both debris and extreme winds can cause the windows to shatter. For your own protection, you will want to stay away from the windows and during tornado warnings, you should take shelter. 

Home and Window Protection After a Storm

After you have prepared your home for a storm and it passes through safely, it’s essential to look over your home. Although knowing what to do before and during these storms is important for your immediate safety, knowing what to do during a storm is just as necessary for your home protection.

After a massive storm is over, it’s essential to know what to look at when surveying your home for the safety of yourself and those around you including: 

  1. Check the roof for loose shingles, debris, broken gutters, or holes – If any of these issues are left unattended, they can develop into bigger issues and require more extensive repairs.
  2. Check for excess water – Water damage is a big concern after storms due to the expensive effects it can have on the house including mold, mildew, and wood rot. This not only has an impact on your home with costly repairs, but it also presents health risks for you and your family.
  3. Check the windows – If any of the window glass has shattered, make sure to keep all young children and pets away, sweep it up and vacuum the area to ensure no shards are left, and seal the window with some cloth to prevent bugs or other animals from coming in. Most importantly, seek professional glass replacement.
  4. Check the window frames – Even if you do everything correctly, your house, specifically your windows, can take a beating and may need window repair.  Look for multiple types of damage such as hail, wind, and water destruction. 

Kryger Glass Handles Window Protection and Window Repair

At Kryger Glass, we take care of all of your glass needs. Whether you’re wanting to protect your windows from storm damage or need to replace a window or window frame, we’re the company for you! We serve customers in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska and we are a leading residential glass company that will more than meet all of your glass needs.  

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