Is Window Replacement Better or Window Repair?

April 7, 2021
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Window Replacement or Repair: Which One is the Best Choice?

All drivers eventually face the same dilemma of choosing whether they need a window replacement or window repairs. Replacing your auto glass can get expensive when your insurance doesn’t cover the claim. Driving with damaged windows quickly becomes dangerous, especially on highways, so it’s best to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

No matter which choice is the right choice, we offer you the best solutions around. Visit Kryger Glass throughout the Four State Region for affordable auto glass services.

What is the Difference Between a Car Window and a Windshield?

Your vehicle relies on two distinct types of auto glass to keep passengers safe. Windshields rely on a laminated system, while side and rear glass windows use tempered processes.

Laminated windshields use layers of glass and synthetic products and filter some UV rays. Tempered windows are rapidly heated and cooled for improved density and flexibility. The difference is in how these products perform when under stress. Windshields will localize and trap the broken glass versus shattering on impact.

When Do I Need Window Replacement?

Since windshields utilize laminated glass, they won’t shatter as much as you may think. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that they won’t require replacing, even if they haven’t completely broken yet.

Even a chip wider than a quarter or a crack longer than a dollar in your windshield or car windows will require you to get a replacement. Antique cars, such as those before the 1970s, may still have tempered glass windshields. These ALSO cannot be repaired safely and demand a full window or windshield replacement. However, anything smaller should be able to be repaired with a kit. 

If you are not sure about your chip or crack, don’t risk it – call us and schedule an appointment to have your car properly evaluated. 

When is Window Repair the Best Option?

Chances are, even a minor chip is enough to break a side window. Tempered glass also isn’t meant to continue performing after taking on damage. However, smaller chips often occur in your front-facing windshield due to gravel. Many of these shorter breaks can be filled with an adhesive.

However, not all store-bought kits will work if they don’t make a water-tight seal. When that happens, trapped moisture soon heats and expands, and will make the crack worse. Chips also need to be smaller than an inch to fill in with adhesive safely. Shorter cracks are often okay to repair, but we don’t recommend it.

Why are Windshield Cracks Difficult to Repair?

The primary challenge with cracked auto glass is that you can’t always see it getting worse. Even if you keep it away from the sun, it can still spread or fail. Merely running the engine can be enough to cause failure by forcing vibrations through the broken glass. Add in direct sunlight and boosted bass speakers, and it doesn’t stand a chance.

Trapped moisture will either freeze or steam out, depending on the weather. Both can cause the glass to either contract or expand rapidly, which can make the crack worse. Hitting a bump in the road on the way to work can even break your windshield. 

Do You Need Car Window Replacement or Repair Services?

No matter whether your windshield or one of your side windows takes a beating, you can count on us. We offer affordable window replacement and repair services for any vehicle. Whether you need new laminated glass, door windows, rear windshields, or others, choose us. We provide a variety of solutions for any local area drivers. Contact us now to schedule your window repair specialists at Kryger Glass.

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