Kryger Glass: Easy Storm Window Repair

June 22, 2021
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It’s getting to be that time of year where the Midwest starts to experience fierce storms that can have dangerous effects. Tornado alley is a direct concern for these problems. High windows, hail, rain, and lightning are all dangers to you and your home during a storm. Although knowing what to do during these storms is important for your immediate safety, it’s also necessary to know what to do after the storm.

What to do Following a Storm

After a massive storm, it’s essential to know what to look at when surveying your home for the safety of yourself and those around you. After a storm, always check the roof for loose shingles and debris as well as broken gutters or holes. Also, check for excess water. If left unchecked the problem only grows. Water damage is a big concern after storms due to the expensive effects it can have on the house if not dealt with, effects like mold & mildew. This not only has an effect on your home with costly repairs, but it also presents health risks for you and your family.

Another costly repair you might be looking at after a storm is window repair. During big storms (especially tornados), you’re always advised to leave windows slightly open and stay away from any exterior walls that have windows or doors. This is because the pressure from the tornado winds or flying objects could shatter them. However, even when you do everything right, your home and specifically your windows, take a beating. Make sure you are on top of repairing damages before a simple fix could become very costly in the long run. 

How to Check your Windows 

When surveying your windows, you need to look for multiple types of damage, such as hail, wind, and water damage. If the damages are significant, for instance, a broken window, then do the following immediately- 

  • Make sure to keep all young children and pets out of reach of the glass. 
  • Sweep up the glass and vacuum the area to make sure no shards are left. 
  • Seal the window with some cloth to prevent bugs or other animals from coming in 
  • And most importantly, seek glass replacement

Sometimes damages might not be as extreme as a shattered window, in which case you might only need a small repair to make sure your windows are functioning at 100%.

Hail Damage Repair

The first type of window damage to pay attention to is hail damage; not only can there be damage to the actual glass itself, but the frame can also be affected. The window frame can have dents or cracks that could lead to future problems if left alone. When assessing the glass for hail damage, don’t only look for the glairing damage like big cracks or shatters. Damage such as small chips or scratches may seem small at first but can grow over time with weather changes. Make sure you address the issue immediately so you don’t have larger repairs or replacements down the road.

Wind Damage

After checking for hail damage, check for wind damage. Besides the whole window being blown out by the wind, check for loose frames. You should especially look for this if you live by lakes or larger bodies of water as winds can pick up drastically off the water. This type of damage is much harder to identify at first glance, but extremely important to check for. Loose frames can affect the integrity of the entire window and cause many future problems down the line like – insect infestations, water damage // wood rot, and increased electricity bills – just to name a few.

Water Damage

The last type of storm damage to look for on the windows is moisture damage. This is generally something that happens as an effect of ignoring hail and wind damage done to your windows previously. Over time humidity and water can get into cracks causing structural issues. Rust and rot can form if puddles of water are left. If you see condensation within your window pains this is another indicator that your frames are compromised, which leads to increased electrical bills. You might think that a chip in your window wasn’t a big deal a few months back, but left unchecked water can seep into that chip and expand causing the small nick in your window to turn into a massive crack across the entire pane. 

Overall the steps needed to take place when inspecting your windows are to check the window frame, look for water damage, clean around the window, check seals, locks, and caulking. If the window doesn’t pass your inspection, then it’s recommended you seek out repairs.

Kryger Glass Repair or Replacement

Once you access the damage, then it’s time to figure if you need to repair or replace it! Even if the glass isn’t showing immediate issues, the problems will eventually arise if damaged, causing more expensive issues. Whether it be a window pain that needs replacement or the actual frame itself, Kryger Glass can handle the job. Window replacement is one of the most common replacements after a storm. As experts in residential & home glass services, we have the expertise to identify and diagnose the damages that are present on your home windows. Think there is any damage done to the window, but not sure what or what solution you need? Contact Kryger Glass to get a quote. If you live in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, or Nebraska and need a window repaired or replaced, we will be able to do it for you!

Window Pain Repair & Replacement

When fixing the actual glass itself, there are a few options you have; you can either repair or replace the pain. If you already have storm windows, we can fix the existing cracks as long as they are made with glass. We can repair the four major configurations of windows from Two-track, Two-track slider, Triple-track, and Picture storm windows. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, storm windows offer you the added safety you are looking for, for your home.

Storm windows are much easier to repair and help add another layer of protection to your home. If you live in the Midwest and don’t have storm windows, it’s highly recommended. They offer a storm-rated glass to be better prepared for your next storm; you can even upgrade the window to Low-E energy-efficient coating. The Low-E energy-efficient coating is an energy-efficient window that will allow you to save money in the long run.

Window Frame Repair & Replacement

When surveying your home, did a frame look loose or damaged? Not sure if it needs repairs or a full replacement? At Kryger, we have the expertise to properly assess the damage so you know exactly what needs to be done. We can fix wood, metal, or vinyl frames. Give us a call and schedule an inspection of your damages and know the experts have you covered.

Kryger Glass Window Replacement

If you find yourself needing to replace a window or window frame on your home in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, or Nebraska Kryger Glass is the company for you! We are a leading residential glass company that will more than meet your needs.

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