Kryger Glass: How Long Do Windows Last?

July 15, 2021
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Homeowners sometimes forget about window repairs and replacements when they are thinking about updates to their home because they think they are meant to last forever when that’s far from the truth! The length of time windows “last” or remain uncompromised is anywhere from 20 to 25 years depending on brand and installation. You might be thinking that your windows are older, but they do their job just fine, but it could be possible that those windows are doing more damage than you realize.

Compromised windows can have a major effect on the rest of your home. If you have old or worn windows you might experience – 

  • Wind Drafts
  • Larger than average Electric Bills
  • Pest Problems
  • Mold
  • Wood Rot
  • Moisture // puddles
  • Sound pollution 
  • Condensation or fogged glass

It isn’t just about how old your windows are, but the type of windows your home might have // might need such as storm windows. When it comes to evaluating your home and its needs it is important to think about all the factors that affect the effectiveness of your windows and watch out for those tall tale signs your home might need new windows. 

Different Types of Windows

Understanding the type of windows your home currently has and the type of windows your home needs are an important step into understanding IF it is time for window replacement. 

You might have a beautiful 100-year-old home, with all the original windows. They are gorgeous and add to the character of the house, but could also be causing some other home headaches. Likely you are experiencing extremely high electric bills in your summers and winters – this is because those old windows are no longer keeping the cool/warm air in, causing drafts within the home that leave you paying extra to try and keep warm/cool. This coupled with expected pest damage and/or wood rot can leave these windows with little to be desired. 

Once you have identified your pain points and decided to install new windows, work with an expert to determine which windows make the most sense for your home.

At Kryger Glass, we offer a variety of window options for your residential or commercial establishment. The most popular options are regular home windows, storm windows, and thermal insulated windows.  

Home Windows 

When it comes to your typical home window, there are many different options: 

  • Single-Hung Windows
  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Picture or Bay Window. 

They are all made of the same material; the only difference between these options is the size and style.  

Storm Windows

Storm windows are windows with the addition of extra panes on the interior and exterior of the glass. This provides additional support from high-velocity objects and winds crashing against your house. At Kryger Glass, all our storm windows are standard grade with the option to upgrade to a Low-E energy-efficient coating.

 It’s recommended to anybody who lives in the Midwest and experiences many fierce storms to have storm windows. They not only will withstand storms better, but they will protect your family from debris and hail. It’s important to know what window is the best fit for your home so you can have lower energy bills and keep your home safe. Storm windows are a great option for this reason.

Thermal Insulated Windows

Thermal insulated windows are designed to give you the most affordable energy bill. They are built to keep interior temperatures regulated through the scorching hot summers to the bone-chilling winters of the Midwest. 

Updating your old windows to any of the windows listed are almost guaranteed to help lower your energy bills, but if you want to see more major savings month to month thermal insulated windows are a great option for your home window replacement.

Window Care and Maintenance – Extend the Lifetime of Your Windows

Windows last 20 – 25 years on average, but if you want to beat the average you need to consider regular maintenance. To get the maximum life out of your windows, it’s necessary to take care of and maintain your windows. Help your windows last longer and function properly with these regular maintenance checks:

Inspect your Windows Annually

It’s recommended to check your windows at least one time a year. If you live in an area with big storms, it’s essential to check them after a storm rolls through. When inspecting your windows look for 

  • Leaks
  • cracks in the paint or material
  • chipped paint
  • Sealant cracks or breaks
  • Wood rot or mold
    (Avoid wood rot or mold buildup by making sure your windows have proper drainage to avoid standing water.)


Make sure your sealant around your window isn’t cracked or broken, so moisture doesn’t get into your house or walls. Something so little as caulking can save you from extensive damage to your home. 

Lubricate Tracks

To get the whole life out of your windows, you need to make sure they are running smoothly. If you have to add excessive force to open and close your windows, it might be time to clean your tracks. It’s essential to clean and lubricate the railing to keep your windows working at 100%. This is because dirt and debris can build up, causing the tracks to lock. The more force you have to use to enjoy the full function of your windows, the more likely you are to break something.

These are just some tips to use when inspecting your windows. By all means, there are more things to look for, like hail, water, and wind damage, but these are few ways to maximize the life of your home and windows. If you make sure you are doing the things above, it will give you a better result when storms come your way. 

Is it Time to Get New Windows? Here is How to Check!

It is always recommended to check your windows especially after years of wear and tear on them. Depending on what type of windows your home has, affects the life expectancy of the window. As previously mentioned, there are multiple steps to go through when inspecting and maintaining your windows. Some might assume that if they never experience severe storms, they don’t need to replace their windows, but that’s far from the truth.   

Home Windows

With your standard home window, there are a few signs you can look for that will help indicate when it’s time to replace your windows. Some of those signs include:

  • difficultly to open and close windows
  • decaying frames or leaky windows
  • drafty windows
  • condensation buildup around the window frame

Storm Windows

When a homeowner has storm or double-paned windows, they might assume their windows are invincible against replacement, but that’s not entirely true. When deciding if one needs to replace their windows, cracks, and chips are just one thing to look for, but there are a couple of other concerns. Of those concerns, one of the easiest to spot and often the most ignored signs is condensation buildup between the panels. Storm windows are made up of multiple panes to protect the home, these frames are air seals and often times contain gas in order to ensure the integrity of the window and provide additional thermal protection. If the frame has been compromised or there is a crack in the window pain the entire window is compromised. This often becomes obvious when the window begins to fog up between pains. 

Thermal Insulated Windows

Thermal Insulated Windows can come in all shapes and sizes; they can come as storm windows or your standard home window. Insulated windows are used to take a load off your energy bill as the seasons change to keep the outside elements outside. If you have a thermal insulated window, the most significant sign of replacement is when your home can’t keep the external temperatures out. If your energy bill is going up, it might be time for new windows. 

So is it Time to Buy New Windows? Ask the Experts at Kryger Glass

When it comes to the lifetime of a window, every window is different depending on the elements. On average you have anywhere from 20 – 25 years, but if you routinely check your home with the information provided above, you will not only extend the lifetime of your windows but catch the need for your window replacement sooner, saving you money in the long run. If you have a question about window repair or replacement, you can give us a call and discuss your home or commercial window needs.

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