My Glass Shower Door Leaks – DIY Fix

October 10, 2023
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A glass shower door leaks for various reasons, but once you know where the leak comes from, the repair process is quick and easy. There are a few steps you’ll need to know. 

The first, is to clean any soap and mildew buildup from the glass door that may prevent the shower door leak guard from sealing. After that, you’ll need to focus on the door hinges and the seal. Next, install a drip rail, caulk leaky areas in the grout, and test again. 

Modern glass showers are made of laminated tempered glass and can be framed or frameless. Let’s discuss the difference and how that impacts glass shower door leaks

The Types of Glass Showers

The two most popular glass showers are frameless and framed. Just as they sound, one requires the glass to be framed by aluminum, while the other consists of reinforced glass sheets that don’t need metal support. If you’re looking for a glass door less likely to leak, here are some details to help you compare the two. 

Frameless Glass Showers

They are sleek and stylish, with a wide range of motion doors. Since the door relies on hinges, not a metal frame, it can open inward and out. Although they are prone to leaking, frameless glass showers are easier to clean. Water should naturally slope to where the drain is. 

Framed Glass Showers

Glass shower doors with aluminum frames are more stable and less prone to leaking. The metal track keeps the door closed while also serving as a duct for water. 

Clean the Shower Doors Regularly

A leaky shower may also be a sign of a dirty one. Fill a spray bottle with distilled vinegar and spray a generous amount on the panels, bottom, and hinges. Anywhere where the watertight seal should be. After the mixture has sat for a few minutes, scrub it away with a toothbrush or sponge. The shower door leak guard should be free of mildew.

Check the Glass Shower Door Hinges 

Regarding a frameless glass shower door, some hinges connect the entrance to the wall. Those may need tightening if the door wobbles when pushed gently. The three hinges are found at the top, middle, and bottom of where the wall meets the door. 

The reason why glass shower doors are prone to leaking more than framed ones is mainly due to the bottom seal. This bottom depends on the design style chosen at the time of installation. A thin metal strip may be halting water, or the glass reaches the floor. 

Another style also leaves a small gap between the door’s bottom and the shower tile. In this case, the water flows towards the drain, diverting from the shower door.
What happens when this doesn’t work? The glass shower door leaks.

How to Install a Glass Shower Door Seal

Despite the bottom of the shower being the most common location of a leak, where the doors meet each other can also be an area of concern. 

  1. Measure the thickness and horizontal and vertical length of the shower door
  2. Purchase a vinyl door seal (they commonly come in a roll)
  3. If needed, cut the roll to the recorded measurements
  4. Clean the glass
  5. Use clear silicone sealant to adhere the stopper

Do You Need a Drip Rail for Your Glass Shower Door?

You can easily install a drip rail if you have a framed glass shower and are experiencing leaking despite the metal support. 

A drip rail is a metal or plastic fixture that fits along the bottom of your framed glass shower door. It curves inward and directs water back into the shower. Just adhere a thin vinyl strip to the bottom for a tight seal, and it should prevent more water from seeping out. 

Caulk or Recaulk Leaky Areas

Around the shower enclosure tile grout or previously applied caulk around the shower enclosure can deteriorate, causing leaks. A shower’s constant moisture and steam can cause regular caulk to break down faster and even harbor mold. It’s best to use a silicone or latex-based caulk and reapply every couple of years to prevent future leaks. 

Need a professional? 

Glass replacement and repair are what Kryger Glass does best, along with superior customer support. As experts in the field since 1947, we know the cost of quality shouldn’t be high. Everyone deserves to feel safe and satisfied with their auto and home glass. 
Give our glass technicians a call today!

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