New Windshield Care Tips

February 15, 2021
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Five Ways to Protect Replacement Auto Glass

The most important part of having a new windshield is keeping it that way. Unfortunately, even a short drive through Kansas City, KS, can leave it chipped.

What can you do to preserve your new auto glass for as long as possible? Surprisingly, there are several ways a driver can prevent problems from forming.

Continue reading these helpful tips to keep your vehicle free from chips and cracks. Or contact us at Kryger Glass for all your auto glass service needs.

Be Patient with Your New Windshield

While you’re excited to take your car for a spin, we recommend exercising patience. You should wait at least an hour before driving following a repair appointment.

Vibrations, heat, and road bumps can worsen even the smallest chips or cracks. Even a complete replacement may need time to finish settling into place.

Don’t remove any adhesives or tape placed by your technician covering the crack. Wait at least 48 hours following the repair before taking it off.

Don’t Tailgate Other Drivers with Your New Windshield

We all know how bad rush hour can get, but tailgating can ruin new windshields. Not only does slamming on your brakes cause stress, but you’ll catch gravel sooner, too.

If the driver ahead of you has loud music playing, it can vibrate your windshields. Many operators get caught by surprise when their glass rattles too much.

Tailgating can also earn you a traffic citation for Following Too Closely. That will cause your commute to take longer when you’re already late.

Wait to Clean Your Vehicle

When you get a brand-new windshield installed, the rest of the car seems filthy. However, you shouldn’t rush to the car wash yet if you wish to prevent problems.

Car wash rollers practically beat dirt and grime off of vehicle surfaces. Because water and detergents also get sprayed, you can quickly trap moisture around the seal.

Other drivers may prefer a power washer, but that has the same effect. We recommend waiting a few days before cleaning your vehicle next.

Leave the Other Windows Partially Opened

Each summer, your timelines fill with videos of people baking cookies on dashboards. Vehicles can soon reach an interior temperature of at least 100 degrees, even under shade.

If you received replacement auto glass, you want to allow for some heat to escape. Leaving the other windows opened partially can prevent damaging your new windshields.

Winter weather can also cause problems for replacement glass with wet snow and surface shrinkage. If possible, park your car inside a garage until severe weather subsides.

Don’t Use Car Covers or Shade Screens

Your first instinct with replacement auto glass is to protect it. Unfortunately, most drivers wind up doing so incorrectly, ruining them instead.

Cloth car covers usually stay dirty, posing a threat to your still-drying glass seal. Dusty dashboards can even potentially contaminate your new windshield’s adhesives.

Sunshades will trap heat between the auto glass and the rest of the vehicle. The added light and temperature can damage your replacement windows.

Choose Us for Your Car’s New Windshields

Whatever make and manufacturer of vehicles you drive, we offer your best replacement glass services. Choose us at Kryger Glass for cracks, chips, shattered windshields, and other glass surfaces. 

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