Our History

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More Than a Business

It all started in 1947 in a small retail shop in Lincoln, Nebraska. That’s where Walter Kryger began what would be a long, incredible journey to make Kryger Glass what it is today: A family-owned business that provides the best in glass services.

After Walter’s passing in 1953, his wife, Nana Kryger, ran the Lincoln shop on her own. A couple years later, their daughter Nancy stepped in to help with the operations.

Fast forward four years, when Walter and Nana’s son, Bill Kryger, Sr. (lovingly known as Boppi), graduated from college in Atchison, KS and moved back to Lincoln to help his mom and sister run the business. Shortly after, Kryger Glass was ready for an expansion. By the mid-60s, the three of them opened a branch in Omaha, Nebraska – which Nancy managed.
walterkryger-new  billkrygersr-new
Walter Kryger and Bill Kryger, Sr.

Kryger Glass Meets Kansas City

In 1970, Boppi cashed in his life insurance policies to start his own location in Kansas City. Leaving behind a wife and four little kids, he commuted to Kansas City every Sunday night and returned to Lincoln every Friday. This continued for 18 months. Rather than getting an apartment in Kansas City, Boppi lived in the glass warehouse. But before he moved in, he made sure the landlord installed a shower.

Once enough time had passed to ensure the Kansas City location was going to make it, Boppi and his wife packed up their four kids and made the big move. From there it didn’t take long for more of the family to join the family business. In fact, Boppi’s son, Bill Kryger, Jr., started going to the shop when he was just around four years old. Bill went on to graduate from Creighton and began working full time for Kryger Glass in 1984.

A year later, Boppi bought the current downtown location in KC. When many homeless people would show up and ask for money, Boppi would take them for a bite to eat at Gates BBQ or even buy them a new pair of shoes. Boppi’s kindness and compassion has undoubtedly helped shape our business into what it is today.

Shortly after the new KC warehouse was finished in 1989, Kryger Glass expanded into Iowa and Kansas. That’s when Boppi’s other son, Kyle Kryger, joined the family business full time.

When Boppi retired around age 70, he handed the company over to Kyle and Bill, who still run the company today.
kylekryger-new  billkrygerjr-new
Kyle Kryger and Bill Kryger, Jr.

Four Generations Later

In 2010, Bill’s daughter Cassidy came to work for Kryger after graduating from Loyola of Chicago. It was here she found her love of accounting and the love of her life, her husband Nate, who worked in the Kryger warehouse. Cassidy left Kryger in 2014 to pursue her Master’s in accounting.

Bill’s son, Max, worked for Kryger Glass as an intern throughout high school and college. Max graduated from Saint Louis University in 2013 and went to work for a financial services firm in St. Louis. Shortly after Boppi’s passing in 2014, Max quit his job to run the Kryger Glass location in Iowa.

The Family Difference

At Kryger, we’re more than just a glass business. We’re a family-started, family-run, and family-oriented business that values more than just your service; we value you. And it’s all because of the life lessons that Boppi instilled in us throughout the years. We, the Kryger family, couldn’t have asked for a stronger, more fearless leader.

Our family is proud to extend a helping hand throughout the Midwest. Find your nearest Kryger location and discover the family way of doing business. We are your go-to glass experts for a number of services, including:

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