Read This Before You Replace Your Windshield

March 6, 2019
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Why It’s Important To Use a Reputable Glass Shop.

Your windshield is one of the most important assets on your vehicle. It makes up for 70% of the structural integrity of your car. Most people don’t realize the importance that the windshield plays in overall safety, which often results in choosing cheaper windshield replacement and repair alternatives. However, this often comes with costly, and sometimes fatal consequences.

This is why we cannot stress enough to choose safety for you and your family over saving a few bucks. Choose the experts, not Joe Schmo and his truck.

The majority of windshield installations are done INCORRECTLY:

According to ABC’s 20/20, 75% of windshield installations are done incorrectly. Why? Because of easy barriers to entry in the industry:

    • Glass installers do NOT have to be licensed to be in business
    • Anyone can legally install auto glass regardless of knowledge or training
  • Some companies use inferior products or cut corners to save money

This results in Joe Schmo and his ragtag crew posting ads on Craigslist to lure in unsuspecting and uneducated folks looking to save a buck. Why is it such a big deal?

The Risk Associated With Cheap Windshield Replacement.

    • Roof May Cave In During a Roll-Over Accident.  
    • The windshield supports the structural integrity of the vehicle during a rollover accident.  If your windshield doesn’t stay in place, the roof collapses. This could result in a serious or fatal injury.
  • Airbags May Not Work
    • Did you know that airbags bounce off of your windshield if they’re deployed? This safety feature protects you in an accident. If the windshield was improperly installed, it can cause the airbags to blow the windshield out of the vehicle instead of bouncing off of it. Avoiding this error is critical to your safety.

When it comes to saving a few bucks, is it really worth a fatal injury or potentially death for you or a loved one? Get peace of mind and have your windshield replaced correctly by the experts.

Need Convincing? Read Some of These Horror Stories:

Our friend tried to save money, but it resulted in a very expensive fix of not just the windshield, but the entire roof of the vehicle. Since the windshield wasn’t placed correctly, it allowed leakage to break down the roof and a massive amount of rust to form.

It could have all been prevented if he had spent the extra money to have it done right.

Mary opted to go with a guy she found on Craigslist to replace her windshield. He was nearly $100 cheaper than any of the other quotes. Since she didn’t understand why the prices were more expensive, she went with him. For 3 months, she felt like she really got a great deal until this happened.

She had to pay nearly double to have it fixed by the experts. Had she done it right the first time, she wouldn’t have had to fork out more money.

“But I want to save money!”

We get it. We all like a little extra cash in our pockets, so it’s easy to take shortcuts. Just don’t skip corners on glass repair! As is the case in most industries, you get what you pay for.

A typical windshield replacement should cost somewhere between $300-$500, depending on your vehicle. Chances are, if you get quoted at less than this, you’re going to be putting yourself at risk. A replacement service that offers a lower price usually means lower quality materials and labor.

In the end, what appears to save you money in the short-term could only end up costing you more in the long-term. And in the case of many, a bad windshield replacement can cause more harm to the vehicle that leads to multiple other expenses. Bad windshield installs can require repairs within a year and you’ll end up spending way more than you would have had you gotten it done right the first time.

Why Kryger Glass?

At Kryger, we’ve held to strict principles since 1947:

    • Only 20% of glass installers, including Kryger Glass, use Dow Express 30 urethane adhesive. This highly recommended adhesive is the fastest curing urethane in the industry; with a guarantee that your vehicle will be safe to drive 30 minutes after install.
    • All Kryger Glass installers have passed criminal background checks, drug screens, and have been trained and certified by Urethane manufacturers.  
  • Kryger Glass does NOT cut corners because the safety of you and your family is our number one priority.

Bottom Line: A Properly Installed Windshield Can Save Your Wallet and Your Life.

Don’t skimp. Don’t put your life at risk. And don’t waste your money. Get your windshield done correctly the first time by experts who know what they’re doing.

Be sure to always ask your glass installer what materials they are using. If you get quoted at a price less than $200, you’re most likely dealing with low-quality materials. It can be tempting to save a bit in the short term, but just don’t do it. You’ll pay for it later on.

Need your windshield replaced right now? Go ahead and get an instant online quote for your vehicle.

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