Remove Ice on Your Windshield Without Damaging Glass Panes

November 27, 2020

Last updated on February 2, 2024

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You can’t get to work without removing the ice on your windshield or windows. In Kansas this is a common occurrence in the winter, and some drivers discover quickly that they’re doing it wrong. Some will scratch their panes or even break them with destructive techniques. 

Kryger Glass knows the best way to prevent damaging your glass panels. Whenever you de-ice your windows the wrong way, we’re here for you. Schedule our repair team to keep your vehicles prepared for winter weather.

Hit the (Spray) Bottle

Many people know about DIY de-icing sprays because it’s quite simple and works pretty well. Mix an equal amount of water and rubbing alcohol and pour it into a spray bottle. Then, when you spray your frozen windshield, the alcohol drops the freezing point. Meaning, the ice that is there would need to become colder to stay in its place.

If you can’t find any isopropyl alcohol, substitute clear vodka instead. Just don’t spray any on your clothes to give your boss the wrong impression.

Don’t Use Boiling Water

A common suggestion you will find online is to pour boiling water on frozen windshields. Anyone who would attempt this supposed life hack can see why it doesn’t work.

Glass is rigid, and even more so when it freezes over. At a higher temperature, the surface expands and if done quickly enough, it can cause your windshield to shatter. Although using warm water might seem okay, it often makes matters worse. Why? Since the new water isn’t hot enough to melt the ice, it only freezes on top of the ice that’s already there.

Grab a Jar of Pickles

It may sound funny, but the science behind using brine is sound. Much like applying rubbing alcohol, the salty liquid keeps ice from freezing. Anyone who enjoys making homemade ice cream knows that salt makes ice colder. 

Salt lowers the freezing point, so it needs to reach a colder temperature to solidify. If you are in a hurry, pouring pickle juice down your windshield could be useful. 

Buy an Ice Scraper and Snow Brush

Any veteran winter driver knows the value of ice scrapers and snow brushes. Few tools are as practical and straightforward as these devices.

Snow brushes are ideal for clearing any slush that hasn’t frozen yet. An ice scraper, on the other hand, quickly rips away frost without much elbow grease. Some products are even combinations of both for faster window clearing. If you haven’t purchased these tools yet, buy them before winter hits.

Apply Potato Directly to the Window

Those who have a potato sprouting in their kitchen can now repurpose it. Before you turn in for the night, slice a spud in half and rub it against your windows. While your neighbors might look at you funny, there’s a practical reason to try it. The sugars from the cut side of the potato will keep ice from forming.

Many brands of vodka use potatoes, so it makes sense that they would work similarly. Plus, preventing ice eliminates the time and effort needed to clear it in the morning. Hello extra snooze time!

You Tried Boiling Water, Didn’t You?

Sometimes, even the most experienced driver makes mistakes removing ice from their car windows. Unfortunately, when it’s already winter, you can’t live without them.From scratches to cracks, we service all windshield and window problems. Replace your auto glass with Kryger Glass today.

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