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Window Glazing

If you own an older house, then you know very well how often you need to do repairs and maintenance to keep your home running efficiently. One of the main components that needs attention in a “seasoned” home is the windows.

Older windows are the primary culprit when a house has poor energy efficiency. They can make it impossible to keep your home at the temperature you want without spending a fortune. If you notice that your heating and cooling bills seem to be creeping up, it’s probably time to check the windows.

For windows that have been around awhile, one of the first things to look at is the glazing. While the glass itself could last a hundred years, the glazing compound will not.

What is Window Glazing?

Many people think that window glazing refers to a coating placed on the glass for energy efficiency. In actuality, glazing is the process of using putty to hold the glass panes in place in the window frame. If you examine your windows, you will see a line of putty between the glass and the wood. The glazing compound is not only necessary for the window’s structural integrity. It is critical for energy efficiency, too.

How Does Glazing Work?

The glazing process has a simple premise. You need to get the old putty out and apply the new glazing compound. Although it sounds easy, it does require practice and expertise to get it right.

The person working with the window is called the glazier. They apply a snake-like rope of the compound into the track where the glass meets the wood. Using a putty knife, the glazier presses the putty into the track to create a secure seal. Next, they smooth it out and make miter corners that fit the frame.

The glazier then uses chalk dust to clean up the window. The powder absorbs oils from the putty and the glass, so there is no need to use a glass cleaner. About a week later, you can repaint the frame and glazing.

Why Should You Replace Your Glazing?

Cracked, broken, or missing glazing puts your window’s integrity at risk. Without the protection of the putty, the panes are likely to shift or crack. When done correctly, glazing conforms to the frame and creates a tight seal. This juncture ensures much higher energy efficiency for your older windows and keeps them structurally sound.

Glazing is one of the best things that you can do to improve the performance of your windows. Older windows with deteriorating putty are one of the most significant contributors to high energy bills for a homeowner. When the glazing no longer functions correctly, efficiency literally goes out the window.

There are many reasons that homeowners consider reglazing their windows:

  • Rattling Panes – Homes take a beating, and windows are no exception. After years of keeping the weather out and repeated openings and closings, windows will need some attention. The putty is bound to break down, and when that happens, you will hear rattling. That is a good clue that it is time for new glazing.
  • Cracks and Damage – Damage to a glass pane requires immediate attention. The longer you wait, the more repairs you are likely to need. Any time window panes need replacement, they need new glazing putty, as well.
  • Improved Curb Appeal – Are you ready to spruce up your home’s appearance? A skilled glazier will get your windows in beautiful shape again. And with a fresh coat of paint, your home will look stunning.
  • Retain Charm – Many owners of older homes do not want to replace windows completely. They prefer reglazing so that they can maintain the overall aesthetic of the property. New windows may not look right in an older home, but reglazing helps you retain the character you love in your house.

Can I Glaze My Windows Myself?

Many homeowners love DIY projects and enjoy the challenge of keeping their house in tip-top shape. Technically, glazing is a doable project for an amateur. However, if not done well, the glazing will not do its job of keeping your home efficient. Your windows may be prone to further damage without expert glazing.

For peace of mind and long-term integrity, you are better off hiring a professional glazier to do the job. They will ensure the putty forms a perfect seal and that it looks aesthetically pleasing. Windows are one of the most significant investments in the life of a homeowner, so it’s worth investing in expert craftsmanship. Reach out to the experts at Kryger Glass for all your glass needs.

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