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Glass Hand & Stair Railings

Are you looking to add a touch of class and a modern edge to your home? Consider using glass hand and stair railings. Whether for residential or commercial properties, the aesthetic appeal of glass railings is universal. Often called invisible railings, glass railings can completely transform your living areas, both inside and outside. Modern homeowners recognize the value of these gorgeous structural pieces.

Kryger Glass offers a wide selection of beautiful, safe glass hand and stair railings for your home or business. These wonderful design additions deliver an open, pleasing look that suits many styles and preferences. If you’re ready for an incredible upgrade to your home, give us a call.


A Safe Option

In addition to their beauty, glass railings are also very safe. Some homeowners worry that these fixtures will be too breakable, but this is not the case. With the high-quality products and installation that Kryger Glass offers, you can rest easy as you enjoy your new glass railings.

Our glass hand and stair railings are structurally sound, and we meet all building codes and load specifications. We employ expertly-trained professionals with decades of experience for your peace of mind. They thoroughly understand the proper techniques to design and install your railings to ensure safety. 

We use glass that is safety-tempered and shatter-resistant to make sure that you and your family remain safe. Your railings will not have flimsy panes that could break into jagged pieces. The tempering process involves heating the glass to about 1200 degrees before cooling it rapidly in water. This repeated heating and quenching procedure creates strong glass panes that can withstand a lot. 

Also, since they include solid panes of glass, these railings have no slats. Glass railings keep children and pets safe since you will not need to worry about anyone getting their heads or limbs stuck as with older railing styles.

Interior or Exterior

Glass hand and stair railings work both inside and outside. On interior staircases or exterior decks, the glass looks stunning and doesn’t obstruct the view. Glass railings are a modern design element that enables homeowners to update the look of their home and increase their property value. 

Kryger Glass specializes in crafting custom glass railings for all types of home exteriors. We know that glass railings are the go-to aesthetic addition for any discerning homeowner. But the installation of these specialty items requires significant expertise. It is crucial that the technician handles and installs the pieces precisely to ensure their integrity. You can trust the team at Kryger Glass to get the job done right.

Stunning Design

Glass hand and stair railings are the perfect way to add a look of modernity to your home. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are also great to look through, as well. Glass railings allow for more natural light to filter through, creating a welcoming, warm environment. This transparency also provides additional safety by unblocking sight-lines. It brings a unique style without making your space feel small or enclosed.

Balconies and lofts also can benefit from the beauty and efficiency of glass railings. Exterior balcony glass railings help connect the inside and outside in such a way as to completely transform the space. Glass railings are also excellent buffers against the elements and noise. 

Each home is unique, right down to its staircases and railings. To make sure you get a perfect installation experience, reach out to the Kryger Glass crew. Glass railings are gorgeous additions to your home, but only when crafted correctly. To get something that is sure to be a show-stopper, you need the best in the business.

Glass Hand & Stair Railing Maintenance

Most homeowners want to know if it is challenging to maintain glass hand and stair railings. Actually, they are a breeze to clean and are very easy to take care of over the years. Glass railings provide you with a fantastic value when it comes to longevity and ease of maintenance.

Glass cleaner, microfiber cloths, and diluted white vinegar are great options for keeping your railings clean with minimal work. You will love your glass hand railings from the minute installation is complete.

Make The Switch

Are you curious about adding glass hand and stair railings to your home? The friendly staff at Kryger Glass is here to help. We can answer your questions and give you a bid on completing the project. 

Once you see how beautiful glass railings look in person, you will be thrilled to have them in your home. It’s time to give yourself the gift of something stunning, and Kryger is here to help.

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