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Residential Window Repair

Kryger Glass works hard to offer the best home glass window repair at the best possible price. Our highly-trained staff is ready to undertake any window repair project you can throw their way.

No matter the size or style of the window, we can help. And if your glass is beyond repair, we can do a full glass replacement, as well. With Kryger Glass, you get prompt customer service, speedy scheduling, the highest quality of work, and a great value.

Whether you have cracked or broken glass from an errant baseball or a wind storm, you need it repaired right away. And with something as crucial as a window, don’t trust its repair to just anyone. Kryger Glass has been earning our clients’ trust since 1947 by providing high-quality products and services at a great price. Let us show you why Kryger Glass is considered the best in the business when it comes to home glass window repair.

Glass Window Repair

If you find yourself with windows that are foggy, cracked, or even broken, total replacement is not your only option. In many situations, we can repair the glass in your home’s windows, saving you the cost of replacing them entirely. 

Dealing with window problems is rarely something homeowners look forward to doing. However, delaying any needed repairs can create a whole lot of more significant issues. If you ignore small window repairs, you are likely to end up needing to replace the windows altogether. It is well worth the ounce of prevention here to avoid the pound of cure.

One of the most common problems that windows have is that their seals deteriorate. This can lead to leaky and rattling glass panes in the house. The Kryger Glass glaziers often can address this issue with a careful reglazing. 

Double-pane windows can develop fogginess between the panes. If you see condensation in your windows, then the seals have failed. At that point, you are losing energy efficiency, since the barrier isn’t holding. For those who live in climates with fluctuating temperatures, this problem results in higher utility bills. The Kryger Glass technicians can take care of this repair for you.

Not Just For Windows

Your home’s windows are not the only spots that can have problems. Other glass pieces in your home may suffer the wear and tear of daily life and need some repairs.

Tub and Shower Glass

Glass tub and shower enclosures receive a lot more wear and tear than the average glass in your home. They handle daily use in a warm, wet environment. This product is not the fragile frosted glass of your grandmother’s era. The glass used for modern shower and bathtub enclosures is thick and heavy. It requires professional skill to repair. Fortunately, Kryger Glass has the professionals you need for your bath or shower glass repairs.

Glass Shelves and Tabletops

Accidents happen. Life happens. And soon, you may see nicks, scratches, or cracks in the glass surfaces in your living areas. From a beautiful dining tabletop to the decorative shelving that holds all of your family keepsakes, the glass in your home may need attention.

Repairing these essential fixtures is the first choice when possible. Replacement is only as a last resort. Kryger Glass has over 70 years of experience in the industry, making us the go-to company to repair your home windows and glass.


Superstitions aside, having a broken mirror is not fun. Sometimes the mirror in question is inexpensive and easily replaced, but that is not always the case. Mirrors can be some of the most valuable items in your household. The team at Kryger Glass is full of mirror experts. We can repair just about any mirror damage so that you don’t have to worry about finding a replacement piece.

Experience & Expertise Is Only A Call Away

Kryger Glass offers our customers a wide variety of window and glass repair options. No job is too big or too small for our expertly-trained glass technicians to handle. Here at Kryger, we pride ourselves on a job well done and know that it is an honor to help our clients keep their homes safe, secure, and beautiful. 

We consider ourselves more than just a retailer of glass products and services. We are proud to be a valued member of the community and someone you can trust when you need home glass window repairs. Reach out to us today to learn about how we can be of service when a window or other important glass fixture in your home needs repair.

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