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Replace The Windows in Your Home

Replacing the windows in your house provides a dramatic visual and structural upgrade to the property. Home window replacement can improve the value of your home significantly and is the best way to beef up your house’s overall energy efficiency. Furthermore, having fully-functioning windows makes life easier. You will no longer be struggling with sashes that stick or locks that don’t work right.

At Kryger Glass, our experienced and highly-trained technicians will make that a reality for you and your home windows. We will replace your old, worn, and broken windows, and you will see an immediate improvement. With new windows, your property will enjoy upgraded value, aesthetics, and energy efficiency.

Is It Time For Home Window Replacement?

You may be asking yourself, do I need to replace my windows yet? That’s a great question. Typically, there are some visible signs that it may be time for new windows.

  • If you have double-pane or storm windows, is there condensation between the panes? This moisture is a sign that the seal is no longer watertight, and it is allowing water to seep in between the pieces of glass. Visible condensation usually means that you need new windows.
  • Do you see chips or cracks? Surprising no one, this is the most obvious sign that it’s time to replace. Compromised glass is a safety issue, so it is critical to replace cracked windows before you have broken glass all over the place.
  • Are your windows functioning poorly? If it is a struggle to open or close or lock a window, then you should consider a replacement. And if you notice panes rattling or shaking in the wind, it’s worth having an expert take a look. They may be able to reglaze the windows, or they might recommend that you replace them.

If you are unsure whether or not you should replace your home’s windows, then it is a good idea to give Kryger Glass a call. We are happy to help you determine if home window replacement is the right step. Our friendly staff will have your home looking fabulous in no time.

Many Home Window Options

When you are ready to replace the windows in your house, the next step is to choose which style you want. At Kryger Glass, we have a lot of choices for you to consider.

  • Single-Hung or Double-Hung Windows- These choices are the most common for homes and often the least expensive style to purchase. The sashes slide up or down to open. In a double-hung style, both the top and bottom sashes can open. In single-hung windows, only the lower sash moves.
  • Casement Windows - This style of window attaches to the frame with hinges on the side. It opens outward, rather than moving up and down. They are common in more modern homes.
  • Picture or Bay Window - A big dramatic picture window can be the crowning jewel of any home. Kyger Glass can replace any size custom window to bring it back to its full glory.
  • Double-Pane or Storm Window - Homes with extreme winter weather often require storm windows for added protection and insulation. Repairs on this type of window can be complicated, so replacement is usually the way to go.

Window Replacement Cost

As with any home improvement project, the first question homeowners usually ask about window replacement is, “How much will it cost?”  Several factors impact the price of installing new windows:

  • Size - How big are the windows that you want to replace.? This answer is the most significant factor in how much a replacement will cost. Generally, the bigger the window, the higher the price. In addition, standard-sized windows tend to cost less than sizes that require custom ordering.
  • Style - Each type of window will have its own cost. Anything custom will carry a higher price tag.
  • Location - Windows on upper stories may cost more to replace than those at ground level. 
  • Quantity - Sometimes, if you are replacing a lot of windows at once, the price per window will go down. 

Contact the team at Kryger Glass to get a free estimate for your replacement project. We are always here to help. As the midwest experts in window replacement, we are the best in the business. With over 70 years of experience, we have earned the trust of our community and can’t wait to be of service to you. 

Adding or replacing the windows in your house is an excellent decision. You will love how it looks when you have all new beautiful pieces in place. Call us today to learn more about our home window replacement services. You will be thrilled with the finished project.

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