Storm Window Repair and Replacement

Weather Any Storm Window Repair with Kryger

For storm window glass and frame repair, Kryger has you covered. Just give us a call to set up an appointment, slide out the storm window and bring it in. We’ll repair it with top quality glass and materials in just a few days.

Check out this video for a handy guide to removing your storm window.

Here are a few more quick safety tips to follow during removal:

  • Make sure to wear thick gloves and carefully remove the window to avoid breaking the glass any further.
  • Check for any pieces of glass that may have come loose during removal.
  • Place the window in a thick trash bag, flattened cardboard box or container so that if it starts to break on the way in, the glass is contained.

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What Are Storm Windows?

A storm window is just an extra set of framed glass that goes on the interior or exterior of your home’s windows. They are an inexpensive alternative to replacement windows, offering homeowners a way to save on utility bills without breaking the bank. Exterior storm windows also provide protection to your home’s windows in case of damage. This can end up saving a lot of money, as it’s much cheaper to fix a broken storm window than mounted windows.

How Does Storm Window Repair Work?

We ask that you bring the storm window in so we know exactly what materials are needed and to get the correct sizing for the perfect fix.

Glass Repair: How we fix the storm window glass depends on the type of frame you have. In general, the first thing we’ll do is take apart the frame and pull out all the broken pieces of glass. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure all the small pieces are removed, too. Certain frames require a bit more handiwork, and may be missing screws and other important pieces that require it to be replaced.

Many newer storm windows are a standard size and a pre-cut piece of glass can quickly be installed. Other older storm windows may need custom cut pieces, which takes just a bit more time to complete.

Frame Repair: If you need a frame repair rather than glass replacement, we’ll carefully remove the current glass and install the same piece into a new frame. It’s important to know that the older the glass, the less likely it will come out of the old frame in one piece.

What Storm Windows Can Kryger Fix?

There are four main types of storm windows, each designed to fit different configurations in your home: Two-track, Two-track slider, Triple-track and Picture storm windows. No matter what configuration you have, as long as it’s made with glass we can fix it.

Some storm windows are made with plastic sheets rather than glass, and those we are unable to repair.

What Materials Does Kryger Use?

At Kryger, we pride ourselves on the top-notch quality glass products we provide. All of our storm window glass is standard grade, and you have the option of upgrading to Low-E energy-efficient coating. Make sure to let your Kryger technician know if you want to upgrade.

Kryger also uses the materials you already have in place for storm window frames. These frames are typically made of wood, metal or vinyl – and we can fix all three. When you set up your appointment, let us know what type of frame you have. If you aren’t sure, no worries. We can help when you come in.

Let the glass experts at Kryger replace your old, broken storm windows with brand new, functional pieces. Call for an appointment today!

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