Shattered Windshield When Driving? Here’s What To Do.

February 28, 2021

Last updated on February 2, 2024

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A shattered windshield is scary enough, but it’s even worse when it happens while you’re driving. What you should do next depends on the extent of the damage. Some vehicles can make it to the next service station without the crack getting worse. However, for wholly smashed surfaces, you should probably have your car towed away instead.

No matter what caused your shattered windshield, you can rely on us. Choose Kryger Glass for auto glass repairs and replacements.

Pull Off of the Road to Assess the Damage

Windshields don’t magically break on their own. Fleeing deer, large rocks, and flying objects coming right at you are terrifying when you’re behind the wheel. Pulling off of the road allows you to recollect your thoughts and also allows you to inspect your glass. Any long cracks or deep pits are likely unsafe for travel.

Minor chips can easily be repaired, but you shouldn’t wait too long. Changes in temperature and vibrations can cause them to become worse.

Don’t Apply Adhesive Tapes to a Windshield Crack

For some drivers, their parenting instincts kick in and they think they should apply a band-aid solution. Skip the tape. There’s only a specific type of tape that should be used and only by trained installers. You may think it’s a wise choice to force the glass pieces to stay together, but it can make broken shards even more dangerous, especially with high winds.

Auto glass repair kits are also no match for substantial damages and cracks. Don’t apply any adhesive products until you see us first.

Don’t Run Your Car’s Defroster

The mornings can be quite chilly, but you should avoid running your car’s defroster. The sudden temperature change can make an existing windshield crack worse. Even newer glass surfaces can expand too fast, causing stress cracks to form. Plus, with damages already in place, you can’t scrape away the ice.

If possible, it’s best to allow your car to heat naturally with the surrounding environment. Speeding the process up with broken windows and windshields risks further harm to them.

Close Your Doors Gently

We understand how frustrating it feels to discover broken auto glass. However, you shouldn’t allow your emotions to get the best of you. Slamming your car door or even your rear trunk can shatter already damaged windshields. The sudden force can exacerbate a minor crack or chip or cause a complete failure.

Instead, try your best to close your doors gently. It doesn’t take too much additional pressure to destroy damaged windows.

Keep Your Damaged Auto Glass Dry

Surprisingly, one of the biggest hazards to damaged windshields is trapped moisture. Water both freezes and steams, so it threatens your cracks and chips. Like metal, glass conducts heat and cold, expanding or contracting accordingly. The rigid surface can only change so much before causing too much strain.

Once the glass overextends itself, the existing crack deepens from the added pressure. This is why a damaged window should always be taken care of immediately.

Let Us Replace Your Shattered Windshield

Unlike other vehicle repairs, auto glass should only be handled by professional installers. Not only does it require training and specialized tools, but it’s delicate work as well.

Trying to locate new products is also challenging when you aren’t a certified installation company. No matter what type of replacement glass you need, choose Kryger Glass to help you get back on the road today.

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