Should I Replace or Repair my Windshield?

January 10, 2023
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When you’re driving, the last thing you need is your windshield to become chipped or cracked because of the weather or other road hazards. Owning and operating a vehicle comes with great responsibility. Many automobile owners choose windshield repair over replacement when their windshield is shattered or cracked. Why? 

Well, this is because this is usually the cheapest option. Windshield repairs are often more cost-effective than replacements for minor damage, including chips, dings, and cracks. Choosing the appropriate course of action might be challenging without prior knowledge of replacements or repairs. 

If you see a crack or chip in your windshield, side window glass, or rear windshield, your first stop should be at a glass repair business so that glass technicians can assess the damage. If you are wondering if it is better to replace or repair a windshield, an expert is the only one who can tell you whether or not you need a replacement.

What is a Windshield Repair and How Does it Work?

Windshield repairs are usually the go-to option when people are facing what seems like only minor damage. Windshield chips are an example of minor damage. Repairing a minor fracture or chip in a windshield or vehicle glass restores its structural strength and restores your vision. 

A chip in your windshield happens when a tiny piece of glass is removed due to a collision, usually from debris on the road. If the damage is minor, it can generally be repaired. However, a replacement may be necessary if the chip goes through to the inner plastic layer. 

Indeed, a few chips here and there may not seem like a big deal, but they’re typically the beginning of much larger fissures.

There are several different ways a technician can go about windshield repair. If you choose to repair your windshield, a vehicle glass expert will usually remove any dirt from the damaged area and thoroughly clean it first. Once the technician thoroughly cleans the affected region of the windshield, they will inject clear resin into the chip or crack. The windshield’s outermost layer is the target of this process. The technician then uses a heating instrument to speed up the curing process of the resin. Upon responding to heat, the resin swells slightly, filling in any cracks. The resin fill-out must be done correctly to prevent the harm from spreading.

Some may ask, “Is it worth it to repair a windshield?” Yes, depending on the extent of your damage, a windshield repair can be a great option. If the repair is done correctly, the windshield will regain its smooth texture and appearance.

What is a Windshield Replacement and When Do You Choose This Option?

Windshield replacements are different compared to simple repairs. Usually, windshield replacements are the option that will cost you a chunk of change, which is why people want to opt for repairs. 

Windshield replacement is often reserved for when someone experiences a significant crack in their windshield. In contrast to a chip, a crack is a line where an individual fragment of glass has started to separate entirely. The size of these cracks may be modest at first, but they tend to increase with time. 

Many factors worsen the state of a windshield crack. Something as small as dirt and grime may make a crack much worse by settling into the small divets of the damage. Temperature changes may cause the windshield to expand. This action might enlarge the fracture in your windshield over time. Even your normal daily commute can enlarge cracks! The shock from driving over speed bumps, potholes, and other road imperfections is felt throughout the car. Repeated stress may propagate harm.

 However, the first question many people ask is, “Can you fix a cracked windshield without replacing it? While the answer may be yes, depending on how deep the crack is, sometimes it is best to go through with a replacement.

So, if you’re wondering, is it necessary to replace a cracked windshield? Yes! It is essential because the crack is bound to become more prominent over time. 

In comparison to a repair, windshield replacements require a more in-depth procedure. A new windshield is meticulously placed into place by a glass specialist, who proceeds methodically through each stage. The technicians must remove many pieces of hardware, including the old adhesive gaskets and so on, before installing the front windshield. Once the technician has finished cutting and cleaning the area, they will apply the new bonding agent, repair the gasket, and then carefully install the new auto glass. Replacements require a technician with much skill to carry out a proper windshield replacement successfully. In addition to skills, the proper tools are required to carry out the procedure.

Talk to a Skilled Glass and Windshield Technician Near You

In the end, if you’ve found a chip or a crack in your windshield, you should speak with a skilled professional near you. Whatever the issue, we recommend getting it checked out for your safety. Damage to a windshield of any kind is not something to be taken lightly and has to be fixed immediately. Although windshields may appear unremarkable, they play a crucial role in keeping passengers safe. A windshield that has been damaged loses its strength and becomes a major optical blockage if a flying item hits it. If the facility decides the impediment is severe enough, you may potentially fail your vehicle inspection. If your windshield has a chip or crack, you need to have it fixed or replaced immediately for your own safety and the safety of others on the road.

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