Should You be Glazing Your Windows?

August 12, 2021
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What is Window Glazing?

Asking “what is window glazing, actually?”, is a common question that is often confused with other services. The process of glazing windows is the addition or replacement of a putty used to hold your windowpane in place. There’s a common misunderstanding that it refers to the addition of window panes or a coating on the windows when it’s actually the putty that surrounds the window. This putty is applied between the glass and the wood to create an effective energy-efficient seal. 

Window Glazing

If you’re a homeowner already, especially if you have an older home, you know that repairs are a part of the whole process. When it comes to older homes, it’s essential to check your home windows regularly for damage because while the glass can last for a hundred years and still look great, the glazing won’t. The sealant gets old and weathered over a period of time, and it’s important to get it repaired. This will extend the life of not only your windows but also your home as a whole. Plus, your energy bills won’t be through the roof because if there’s a bad sealant, then all the cool/warm air within your home will leak out, with your savings. 

Tips to know when to update your windows

Knowing when to update your windows can tip you off to additional window repairs that might be needed. Whether you notice damage to the actual windows or are looking to make some updates, here at Kryger Glass, we have the expertise to help you with all your home window needs. From full window replacement to properly installing window glazing. Look for these signs or give us a call

Are they cracking or breaking?

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Homes take a beating from external forces. This can lead to cracked or even broken windows, and the longer you wait, the more damage will occur. When we replace your home window(s), we will also need to replace the putty used to glaze your window. The glass itself is just one aspect of your window and window glazing adds that needed layer of protection from the elements.

Depending on your crack or break you will need to look into either window repairs or even replacement.

Repairs – If your window needs repairs to the frame or glass it is likely the putty // window glaze is compromised as well and needs updating along with the updates to the window itself.

Replacements – If you have a crack or break you need to add a new glaze to that new window to ensure it lasts the length of time. The same is true if you are just generally replacing your windows to update your home.

Is my glass warped?

If your glass is warped, it’s time for new windows. The leading cause for this is moisture getting into the wood surrounding the window. The extra stress induced by this uneven absorption can cause the frame to shrink and expand. Over time, it just gets bent out of shape leading to the putty being compromised. 

Are your Panes Rattling?

Homes take a beating, and windows are no exception. After years of keeping the weather out and repeatedly opening and closing the windows to enjoy fresh air or avoid the elements, windows will need some attention. The putty is bound to break down, and when that happens, you will start to hear rattling. Not often will your windows communicate with you so verbally, but know that is a good clue that it is time for new glazing.

Are you Looking to Retain some Charm?

Many owners of older homes do not want to replace windows completely. They prefer reglazing so that they can maintain the overall aesthetic of the property. New windows may not look right in an older home, but reglazing helps you retain the character you love in your house with all the charm of “original windows” and less of the hassle.

Can Window Glazing be Repaired?

Yes, the window glazing can be repaired, but it’s recommended to let a professional do it. Glazing is a simple process; you need to get the old putty out and apply the new glazing compound. Although it is a simple process that sounds easy, it does require practice and expertise to get it right. 

When glazing the window, a glazer applies a snake-like rope of the compound into the track where the glass meets the frame. Using a putty knife, the glazier presses the putty into the track to create a secure seal. Then, they smooth it out and make 90-degree corners that fit the frame.  

The glazier then uses chalk dust to clean up the window. The powder absorbs oils from the putty and the glass, so there is no need to use a glass cleaner after the initial installation. About a week later, you can repaint the frame and putty.

Don’t Wait! Call Kryger Glass

Here at Kryger Glass, we have locations in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa and something they all have in common is they are all prone to severe weather and all the rain that comes with it. If your glaze isn’t up to date, then you might suffer a lot more consequences other than a little window rattle or breeze. Don’t wait to call Kryger Glass when you notice the beginning signs of repairs.

By waiting to call, you’re wasting time. If left alone, unfixed window damage can lead to more detrimental problems down the road, such as rot, water, or erosion damage. If you have any questions involving any type of glass or mirror work and live in the areas listed above, give us a call or fill out our online form

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