Don’t Forget About Your Side View Mirrors

June 6, 2019
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Is there anything more enjoyable than driving around with the windows open on a lovely summer day in the Midwest? Unfortunately, wild animals, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and others also enjoy the weather, making side view mirrors a necessity for safer trips.

Some communities have different laws and attitudes regarding vehicle mirrors, but it helps to maintain them all for better driving. And while you may not get a ticket for broken side glass, a police officer still might find it suspicious.

Advanced Side View Mirrors

Today’s vehicle safety features a complex mixture of motion technology and auto glass, as well as cameras, computers, and more. Gone are the days when a mirror remained little more than a permanent reflective surface stuck to your car.

Modern side view mirrors may move, fold inwards, or even have automated controls, and many owners don’t want vehicles without them. The increasingly sophisticated mirror designs result in more challenging repair needs for today’s mechanic shops.

As a result, it’s more important than ever to trust repairs to top-quality providers familiar with side view mirror maintenance. Don’t waste your time and cash trying to manage a problem on your own when the professionals like those at Kryger Glass can fix it at an affordable price.

Three reasons to repair

Everyone knows that a shattered side view mirror calls for immediate repair. However, it’s easy to write off less dramatic scratches and cracks as no big deal even though they diminish driving. Here are three of the reasons why you should contact us today to repair everything from shattered and chipped mirrors:


Can you picture trying to drive a car with a shattered side view mirror through the pouring rain and hail? You can’t possibly know when another driver comes alongside your vehicle, especially when you can’t hear them over the weather.

Peace of Mind

Even if you haven’t broken any laws, a busted side mirror could soon see you pulled over by law enforcement. When they both remain in perfect working condition, however, it becomes one less thing you need to worry about today.


As you can expect, when maintaining any luxury item, fixing problems as soon as they appear protects your pocketbook. There’s no doubt that you will save money by repairing minor issues before they turn into an expensive repair.

A well-maintained vehicle also adds to the resale value of your car, especially when original parts remain present.


Kryger Glass Technicians Know Side View Mirrors

The technicians at Kryger Glass install and repair side view mirrors that car owners throughout the midwestern United States trusts. You can depend on our technicians to deliver the highest quality of service because our staff continues their professional training.

Our goal is to quickly and correctly diagnose and resolve the problem at a cost friendly price. Lastly, don’t delay side view mirrors and maintenance, as it could invite more unwanted attention than you need from others.

One day soon, the beauty of a warm summer day will encourage you to take a long drive around town. Once it starts raining, or you notice more and more bikes on the road, you’ll need dependable vehicle mirrors.

Contact us today for solutions to all of your auto glass problems. We offer glass repair services at your residence as well as at all of our shop locations.

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