Storm Season in the Midwest Calls for Strong Wipers

July 2, 2018
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We are officially in the heart of spring. Everything in Des Moines, IA has started blooming and turning green again. But while the warm spring rains bring puddles to jump in and relaxing nights, it also causes potentially dangerous driving conditions. And you won’t want to get caught in the next heart-pounding storm with faulty windshield wipers; take our word for it.

The Effects of Having Bad Wipers

Being able to see clearly while driving is imperative. For example, if you’re supposed to be wearing prescription glasses when you drive and you’re caught without them, you’ll likely get a ticket. That’s because you’re putting yourself and others in danger by driving when you can’t see clearly. The same rule applies to your windshield wipers. If they are worn down and haven’t been changed in a while, it’s like having none at all. As a result, you create dangerous driving conditions for yourself and for others on the road.

When to Change Your Windshield Wipers

Because your wiper blades are subject to extreme conditions, they wear down pretty easily. There are many different brands and styles of blades, but when it comes down to it, wiper blades are basically long rubber rods. Exposed to the elements, the rubber wears down easily —dirt, debris, friction, and even simple sunlight can take its toll on your blades. But how do you know when to replace them?

Consumer Reports suggests replacing your wipers at least twice a year. But as another rule of thumb, you should change your wiper blades as soon as they begin leaving streaks. If you wait too long, you’re not only less safe on the road, but could also put your windshield at risk. With less rubber padding between your windshield and wiper arm, the metal could scratch your windshield, costing you money and hindering your sight even more.

If Your Windshield Breaks, Replace Your Wipers

When the glass of your windshield cracks or breaks, there’s a chance that some shards of glass will fall into your wipers. Even the smallest piece of glass that gets caught in the rubber can cause big problems. If you haven’t replaced your windshield yet and try to use your wipers, the damage could get worse and make driving conditions even more hazardous. And if you replace your windshield without getting new blades, you’re likely to scrape up that brand new piece of glass.

More than Just Glass Experts

If you’ve ever been stuck at the store wondering which blades or brands are best for your car, make life easier by calling Kryger Glass in Des Moines, IA. We know windshields inside and out, but we also know the importance and safety of windshield wipers. From inspection to installation, our experts do it all.

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