Storm Windows vs. Replacement Windows

August 17, 2020
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Are you tired of dealing with hard to use storm windows? When it comes to improving your aging windows, you have two options – upgrade or replace. Here’s what you need to know about storm windows vs. replacement windows for your home.

Why Bother With Storm Windows

Older homes often require storm windows. Traditionally, house windows consisted of a single pane of glass. Homeowners install a second pane of glass, called a storm window, next to the first pane as protection against nasty weather.

Today’s storm windows can help save energy while keeping windy and cold weather outside of your home. The newer windows have a Low-E covering that adds real energy savings to the windows. Energy Saver notes that modern storm windows provide such benefits as:

  • Noise Reduction
  • Decreased Air Seepage
  • Improved Energy Costs

Along with these benefits, Low-E storm windows are less expensive than replacement windows. Installing this storm window over a single pane window is a great way to save money and energy.

When to Choose Replacement Windows

Modern storm windows can be a smart choice for many homeowners. Still, there are excellent reasons to choose replacement windows. Consider the following perks of investing in high-quality replacement windows.

There’s no denying that replacement windows are more expensive than storm windows. Consumer Reports doesn’t buy the argument that the energy bill savings make up for the added cost of replacement windows. Nonetheless, there are compelling reasons to seriously consider replacing your old, single-pane windows with an up-to-date style of window.

Two significant benefits that replacement windows bring to your home include:

Boost to Home Value

Experts say that adding replacement windows is an excellent way to boost your home’s value. HomeLight, for example, estimates that you could recoup as much as eighty-one percent of the cost when you sell your home. That’s a massive return on investment in the home improvement world.

It’s also good to consider how essential it is to keep your home in the most sellable condition possible. While you might hope to never leave your home, we all know that life isn’t certain. Beautiful new windows will help to keep your house ready in case you need to list the property.

Significant Noise Reduction

Do you struggle to sleep due to persistently loud traffic noise? If so, you should consider purchasing replacement windows. For example, Milgard Windows & Doors makes a line of windows designed to keep your home quiet no matter where you live.

Of course, home value and noise reduction are merely two of the reasons to replace your windows. You’ll also aid the environment by reducing your home’s energy usage. Read this Porch article for even more reasons to choose new windows.

Lastly, Storm Windows vs. Replacement Windows?

When you need to decide between storm windows vs. replacement windows, there isn’t a correct answer. As with nearly all home improvement projects, it depends on your budget and goals. The happy news is that both options will add comfort to your indoor life.

Kryger Glass has years of experience helping our clients install and maintain their windows. We know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option in the storm and replacement window world. Instead, we will listen to your needs to help you pick a window option that protects your home from the elements.

Contact us today for a no-drama consultation for all of your glass-related home improvement projects.

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