Sunroof Repair: 5 Reasons to Get Them Right Away

December 9, 2020

Last updated on February 2, 2024

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You shrug off needing sunroof repair, convinced it’s fine as it is now. However, ignoring the issue never makes it go away, especially when discussing your car.

Below are five of the many reasons why you should address your sunroof right away. When you do, make sure you choose us at Kryger Glass for affordable repair services.

1)    Your Vehicle Isn’t Secure

When bad guys notice your sunroof is left open, they see an opportunity. Or if they don’t, wildlife could, including snakes, bugs, and other nocturnal creatures.

Should an emergency arise, and the sunroof is the only path out, you couldn’t escape. A broken motor could also make it harder for first responders to assist you.

Last, if it stays open while in use, traffic fumes come pouring in. You can’t close it until you repair it, so call us for your sunroof now.

2)    Your Car Stays Filthy

Your auto glass acts as a barrier between you and the road. When it stays propped open, it only lets the outdoors inside.

That means more than exhaust pipes, though, but dirt, dust, and debris. You will quickly notice the thick layer of gunk building up on your dashboard.

Once your windshield gets dirty, it becomes hazy, especially at night against headlights. A repaired vehicle is one that stays cleaner by preventing dirt buildups.

3)    Water Intrusion

It’s supposed to stay cool outside, so you don’t think about repairs. While you’re enjoying the weather, though, an afternoon storm rolls through.

Your vehicle will also have water pouring through the top, drenching the seats. Between them and the other upholstery, your car quickly becomes musty.

Mold spores spread easily, and they love to live inside air conditioning systems as well. Contact us before your vehicle becomes a respiratory hazard for you and your passengers.

4)    DIY Repairs Get Expensive Quickly

While some drivers are bona fide mechanics, others aren’t as handy at repairs. You may think that a sunroof is a straightforward item, but it’s shockingly complex.

When it stops working, is it the cables, glass, or the motor that went bad? Depending on the situation, the entire sunroof may need to get uninstalled or even replaced.

The part alone would run several hundred dollars, not to mention the time and labor. Instead, choose us to keep your sunroof repair services affordable each time.

5)    Broken Glass Remains Dangerous

The first goal of any repair is to clean the site first. However, when the sunroof gets shattered, you will have shards everywhere, making it dangerous.

Even with a shop vacuum and gloves, it’s still a treacherous process. Worst yet is passengers finding broken glass the hard way when they climb inside.

Instead, we manage your repairs from beginning to end with safe and affordable solutions. Repair or replace your broken sunroof now with our local experts.

We are Your Sunroof Repair Team

You might think the sunroof would remain a top repair item, but most stay intact. It isn’t until there is an accident, fallen tree, or burglar that they encounter problems. Thankfully, you can rely on us for whatever happens to your vehicle’s sunroof and windshields. Choose us at Kryger Glass for affordable auto glass repairs for any passenger car models.

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